Winter tires are the best choice at low temperatures

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Snow and winter tires are the best tires you can have on your car when the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit; this is why you must switch to winter tires already as the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit and not wait for the snow to arrive before scheduling the tire change. People try to time the difference based on snow and check the weather forecasts to see when the snow will arrive. This is not the easiest to do, as we know weather forecasts are not the most reliable forecasts, so it is much easier to schedule the change based on the temperature. You can easily see when the temperatures start creeping down towards the 45-degree mark, and then you can make an appointment at the tire service station.

If you have studded or non-studded tires will not matter much, except that if you plan to mount studded tires, then you will need to check that the studded tires can legally be mounted before you make an appointment. For the non-studded tires, there are no date restrictions. Studded tires are, however, allowed if you have winter conditions, even outside the regulated date range.

The main reason that the winter tires are better at low temperatures is based on that the rubber compound used will remain soft even at low temperatures to provide better traction. In contrast, an all-season tire will become hard and can’t provide the same traction as a soft tire and should therefore not be used. When the snow arrives, your all-season tires are missing the mechanical elements in the tread that can provide traction, so, therefore, it is dangerous to try to drive with all-season tires when you have snow and already at low temperatures are better.

Make sure that your winter tires are in good condition and that they have sufficient tread depth, and if you have a studded tire, you should check the condition of the studs to see if you have a sufficient amount remaining. Suppose you are unsure about the condition of the tires and you do your own tire change. In that case, it might be worth driving to your tire service station and having them check them to ensure that they are in good enough condition for safe driving so that you don’t jeopardize your and other safety while driving.

The all-weather tires are tires that you can use all year round, and you don’t have to worry about changing tires between the different seasons. This simplifies a lot of things and the fact that you are always able to drive regardless of what weather conditions that you wake up to, is very convenient and adds to your overall safety. It is also great if you live in an area where you can travel between different weather conditions within a short distance. You might want to choose between skiing or going surfing without having to worry if you have the correct tires on your vehicle.

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