Why Should You Avoid Too Dark Window Tints on Your Vehicle?

Besides the aesthetics of a darker window tint, there are many safety concerns. For example, if you are pulled over by police, they will not be able to see if the driver is wearing a seat belt. Plus, dark window film will increase insurance costs and get you a ticket in prohibited areas. So, why should you avoid too dark window tints on your vehicle?

The main reason to choose a tinted window is safety. The sun’s rays can affect your vision. Too dark windows can reduce your visibility and cause you to swerve, or miss objects. Plus, you’ll introduce blind spots. It’s better to be safe than sorry. So, opt for a light tint instead.

In addition to obscuring your vision, window tints can be unsafe. While the primary purpose of window tints is to reduce glare, too dark tints can impair a driver’s response time and make it harder to read side mirrors. These safety concerns have led the province to reform its window tinting legislation.

Several states prohibit too-dark window tints on cars for safety reasons. For instance, the state of Alaska prohibits window tints on windshields, while Florida allows them up to 70 percent. However, these restrictions do not apply to rear windows that do not have side mirrors. So, if you want to tint your windows, you must follow the laws of your state.

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