Why proper tire selection is of utter importance

studded tires

Car tires are essential for the performance of a vehicle. They can translate the performance of the vehicle to road performance, and they act as a safety device as they provide grip for traction, grip and stability.

Without proper tire selection, you can’t ensure the proper performance is translated to the road. This is very evident for sports cars that can’t do proper cornering at high speed with bad tires, the tires will lose grip and potentially skid out of control.

Bad tires can turn a safe car into a car with bad safety, as they can’t provide good grip. Good tires need both good grip in both wet and dry conditions. If you drive during the winter, it is important you have winter tires that provide good grip on snow and ice.

For winter tires, you can often choose between studded tires, non-studded tires, and winter-approved all-weather tires in some areas. They have different situations where they perform best, so the choice depends on what is most suitable for you.

Studded tires provide the best grip on ice but have some limitations on where they can be used and limitations on the period they can be used.

Non-studded tires have very good flexibility as they can be used anywhere, but they should only be used during the winter season.

All-weather tires can be used all-year-round and are very flexible. Using them give you a chance to always be ready to drive, which makes it convenient in areas with unpredictable weather conditions.

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