WhatsApp vs WeChat vs Telegram – Who is the World’s Largest Communication Provider?

Gone are the days when people send messages through the Short Message Service (SMS) use. With the advent of online apps, people need to spend money on cellular load to send a message. Many text messaging apps have come and go, but here we have WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram as the world’s top rivals—and COVID-19 pandemic all the more made video and voice call in demand.

To further discuss which among the three messaging apps are favored by users, read through this demographic data:

Monthly Active Users

WhatsApp comes first place with 2 billion active users, followed by WeChat with 1 billion and Telegram with 400 million. But with Facebook Messenger in the picture, it can be considered to be in the second lead with 1.3 billion users.

Security features such as WhatsApp call monitoring and WeChat compliance make people choose it over other apps available in the market.

In the US, WhatsApp only became popular after social media giant Facebook purchased it in 2014. Since then, its presence significantly increased in 2015 with 16.2 million users to 25.58 million users in early 2021, leaving WeChat with 1.48 million users while Telegram stands with 3.47 million unique users.

With these advancements in technology, people worldwide could have a swift shift in connecting with friends, colleagues, and family in the new normal.

Top Social Media Messengers Around the World

In an algorithm study released by SimilarWeb’s by looking at Google Playstore, 133 countries use WhatsApp, while WeChat and Telegram are prevalent in 3 countries, and Facebook Messenger, however, is favored in 75 countries. With all these said, WhatsApp sure is and still is the lead messenger application to beat.

Learn more about these messaging apps through this infographic.

Whatsapp VS Wechat VS Telegram

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