Tires for electric and hybrid cars

SUV all-season tires

When buying tires for electric and hybrid cars, you should be aware that these cars are significantly heavier than regular combustion engine cars as their battery pack increases their weight significantly. This means that things like tires that provide good grip and traction are essential. In addition, you should look for tires that have low rolling resistance as this reduces energy loss allowing your hybrid or electric car to go further on each charge. Rolling resistance is the force resisting the car’s forward motion and is increased by things like tire patterns, friction, the weight of the vehicle, drag, inertia, and the amount of friction between the road and the tires. Low rolling resistance tires can be considered environmentally friendly as they are fuel-efficient.

All-season tires are often placed on electric and hybrid cars as they have low rolling resistance with their less aggressive tread pattern compared to winter tires and all-weather tires. Keeping in mind that tire dimensions also play a role in energy use as larger tires increase the rolling resistance and make the tires less energy efficient. Many car manufacturers add silica to the tires to reduce rolling resistance. The silica allows for strengthening the tread pattern, allowing for a stiffer tire, which lowers the rolling resistance. When buying tires for electric and hybrid cars, you should keep these things in mind.

The Nokian zLine A/S is recommended for electric and hybrid cars. This allows for an environmentally responsible driving experience with excellent handling and comfort. The Nokian zLine all-season tires have excellent grip and traction to help with braking as well as acceleration. This is important as the heavier electric and hybrid cars allow them the traction needed. If you place 265/75R16 all-season tires on your hybrid or electric vehicle, you should make sure that this is the manufacturer’s recommended size. The Nokian Tyres company also offers an eco-friendlier manufacturing process with only natural raw materials used in the processing. The Nokian Tyres company also offers studded and non-studded winter tires adapted for hybrid and electric cars.

Nokian Tyres also offer SUV all-season tires for hybrid and electric SUVs. The Nokian Tyres One all-season tires are available both for SUVs and passenger cars, with both being recommended for hybrid and electric cars or SUVs alike. These all-season tires feature the latest technologies, offering uncompromising performance, durability, comfort, and safety on wet and dry surfaces while remaining low rolling resistance tires. They also provide the “Aramid sidewall technology” that renders the tire exceptionally durable and virtually puncture-resistance. Both hybrid and electric SUVs and cars are heavier than traditional cars, making grip and traction very important.

When choosing tires for electric or hybrid SUVs, make sure to keep to the manufacturer’s recommended size tires for your make and model car or SUV and buy low rolling resistance tires to benefit from the increased energy savings while also enjoying the best handling and performance.

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