Things to consider when selecting new tyres

When choosing car tyres, you need to consider what kind of driving and weather conditions you will encounter. The area where you live might also can allow for the use of only one set of tyres for the whole year. In some area that has a real winter season you are most likely better off with two different tyres, then you will have to select two sets of tyres.  Consider changing tyres if you live in an area with severe winters where winter tyres are the best option for safety and performance. Winter tyres are the best choice if you live in an area with severe winter weather, and you then alternate between winter tyres and summer tyres.

Some other things to consider when selecting tyres is what kind of driving you plan to do, what’s your vehicle, what kind of weather conditions you’ll be driving in and last but not least, your budget. If you have a high-performance car, you need to look into a set of Ultra High Performance (UHP) tyres with an appropriate speed rating, which indicates the maximum speed the tyre can safely be driven at. The UHP tyres have great handling and cornering grip even at high speeds, making the car driving experience a treat.

There is also the question tyres you need to answer. Do you need summer tyres, all-season tyres or winter tyres? For the winter tyres, there are also two completely different types of tyres; you have the studded or non-studded tyres. Generally, where you live will decide what tyres will be best for you. If you live in an area with severe winters and do not want to change tyres between the seasons, your only option would be all-season tyres. The reason for this is that all-season tyres are marked with the three-peak mountain snow-flake (3PMSF) symbol, like winter tyres, indicated that they had met the required performance criteria in snow testing. If the area where you live has no real winter season, you can select to use only summer tyres for all-year-round use.

When making your tyre selection, you do have help from both the EU tyre label, the internet and checking tyre tests performance by motor magazines. They all contribute to tyre selection in their own way. The EU tyre label is perfect for comparing between different tyres once you have narrowed down your selection. The tyre tests are great for identifying the performance of different tyres. There will be different tests done for the different tyre options so that you can clearly see how they perform in different circumstances. The internet allows you to gain more knowledge about tyres in general and read more about your different tyre options. If you use all three of them in combination, your tyre selection will be more precise, and you are more likely to find a very good set of tyres for your vehicle that will have good safety and performance.

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