The Benefits of Using a WeChat Archive

WeChat has over 1.2 billion monthly active users, making it a vital communication tool for many financial firms. WeCom, or WeChat Work, is a popular platform that enables financial firms to communicate with clients in real time. This means that firms that must comply with regulation must record their WeChat communications. Although some firms have banned the use of WeChat, the demands of clients make it practically mandatory for firms to use this tool.

WeChat is a pure feed of your entire network

WeChat is a pure feed of all your social connections, with the ability to delete and unfollow contacts. It also offers in-app notifications, which notify you when new messages or posts arrive. Over 55.2% of WeChat users check the app at least 10 times a day, and their cycle time is quite short. You can also unfollow contacts if you want to protect yourself from unwanted attention.

When you share content on WeChat, you can also include links to those posts in your bio. This can increase your exposure on the platform and help you grow your network. If you are a celebrity or brand, the WeChat Moments feature is a great place to showcase your content. Users can search for videos using hashtags, which makes your content more relevant to the people you follow.

It records all text, calls, images and attachments

There are many benefits to using a Wechat archive, and these benefits go beyond just saving a few important messages. First, the archiving solution uses specially approved Tencent APIs to store captured messages on a local Azure server. Outside of China, the messages are delivered to the recipient using a secure VPN connection. To start using the WeChat archive, you’ll need to install the WeChat archive connector on your company’s WeCom account. Then, each employee can download the regular WeCom app from the App Store and start chatting and calling with any WeChat user they want. WeChat Archiver works from mobile devices to record text, calls, multimedia, images, and even deleted messages.

You can easily search through the WeChat archive by entering their WeChat ID to find their messages. This feature is available for both WeChat and TeleMessage. The WeChat archive records all text, calls, images and attachments, and can also be used as a document archive for legal purposes. Furthermore, you can add emoticons to your messages and send photos and videos to your contacts.

It records media

Wechat is a popular messaging platform with more than a billion users. Its client version contributed a lot to its exponential growth. Organizations can improve communication and compliance with regulatory bodies by using WeChat clienți features and archive tools. Here are some of these features:

WeChat archive records media and text from a company’s WeCom account. The archive is available on mobile devices and connects to the WeCom server through a special API. It records messages from WeCom users, and stores them on a local Azure server. For messages from outside China, it uses a secure VPN. Once the archiving connector is installed on the corporate WeCom account, employees download the WeChat app from the App Store. This enables them to chat and call any WeCom user.

Users who do not want to use their mobile phone can download Wechat desktop apps, which work with Mac and Windows. To install the desktop app, all you have to do is sign in with your WeChat account. The desktop app will then prompt you to backup and restore your data. Once the backup process is complete, you will have access to your WeChat monitoring on your computer. You can also backup conversations and media with third-party WeChat apps.

It helps with regulatory compliance

WeChat is an instant messaging and social networking app that has over 1 billion users, and it has become a popular tool for many in the financial services industry. Most bankers and traders in China use WeChat as their preferred method of communication. However, using WeChat without the proper security controls can present a compliance risk. SteelEye’s WeChat archiving solution can help companies ensure regulatory compliance by providing robust archiving capabilities for messaging on WeChat.

The WeChat Archive app is an app that records the communications that take place in the company’s WeCom network. All messages are captured in full context and can be exported to an external archive. The archive will retain the metadata and multimedia from the conversations, including those that are deleted or marked as private. When installed in an employee’s WeCom account, the archiver automatically records all messages, including those that were deleted by the employee.

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