Text Message Marketing: A Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Approach

When talking about the contemporary marketing approach, many businesses would think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), and many other innovative approaches that could help increase sales and customer engagement.

But today, there is a relatively new form of marketing that ensures a positive and strong connection with customers without the business being too “salesy,” which is text message marketing or SMS (Short Message Service). This is the technique of sending business news, sales, promotions, or other pertinent information to your clients via SMS (short messaging service) text messages on their mobile devices. Small businesses using this technique save lots of money than other SEO-powered small companies who sometimes need small business SEO services, which can be too expensive.

Here are some reasons why you should utilize SMS marketing.

High Conversion Rates

SMS marketing converts at a greater rate than almost any other digital marketing, including email marketing, Facebook advertisements, and pay-per-click (PPC). In reality, SMS messages often have click-through rates of up to 30% and conversion rates of up to 9%.

High Customer Engagement 

Customers can be engaged and interested in your brand by sending text messages, given that most people’s phones are almost an extension of their bodies! According to statistics, 98 percent of SMS messages are read within five minutes of being sent. Plus, you can pique people’s interest in your company by sending out special text-only promos.

Helps You Know Your Customers

SMS messaging enables businesses to deliver customized messages suited to their consumers’ preferences, increasing the message’s efficacy. For example, if you are marketing a business event, you may put a discount code in the text. Adding emoticons or other entertaining text to your communications may also make them more personal and engaging.

Trackable Results

Marketers may measure the success of their SMS messages and observe how many people clicked on their links to learn which messaging is effective and which is not. This data may be utilized to customize communications even more in the future, resulting in more remarkable results.

Gives Your Brand a Competitive Edge

Text is a relatively new kind of marketing, and few firms are currently using it to expand their operations. Only 39% of marketers claim to utilize SMS. That means now is an excellent time to start using text marketing since you will be ahead of the game. Other advertising methods, such as email or social media, will not provide you with this benefit.

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