Telehealth Etiquette: Best Practices for Virtual Visits/Telehealth Visit

Best Practices for Virtual Visits/Telemedicine is one of the most challenging yet important challenges of modern healthcare facilities. Many practices are now using technologies such as web-based appointment scheduling and electronic health records to reduce the number of patient no-shows, while also streamlining patient workflow and reducing medical office overhead. Yet despite these technologies, many practices are finding that in order to provide effective and efficient care, they need to go beyond their technology to address other issues such as best practices for virtual visits/telemedicine. To make the most of the opportunities that have been presented by the internet, a practice must be willing to adapt to change, embrace new technology, implement best practices, and ensure that it continues to be cost effective over the long run.

Some of the best practices for virtual visits/telemedicine are the use of secure virtual receptionist services to allow patients to book appointments without the need for a teleconference call and consider all types of payment options including major medical insurance plans. Many practices also encourage their patients to complete medical records online so that they can be shared with medical staff for necessary billing, while others place patient appointment information into digital records so that the office does not have to maintain paper records or keep patient files.

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