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Leeds Festival 2018

Leeds Festival 2018 is a very different LeedsFest for me as I have a new festival buddy. It is Ellie’s first Leeds Festival and her “proper” festival too. Whilst we have been to Bingley Music Live and lots of gigs and concerts we haven’t done a big festival before. As she is 15 now, next summer she is able to go on her own with her friends. As I’m something of a self-confessed festival veteran now I want to take her so she can see what it’s like. I want her to experience everything, know what happens where and generally show her around.¬† (more…)

Keeping track of time with a Nordgreen watch *

Isn’t time a funny old thing? There are moments you feel like you’re celebrating new year, having summer BBQs then getting ready for Christmas again in a blink of an eye. And yet there are amazing nights that seem to last forever. Don’t even mention how long a work day feels sometimes!¬†Nordgreen have recently gifted me a gorgeous new watch so I can keep track of time day and night whilst still looking stylish.


Tarts With A Heart Soapy Luxeboxe collection

It seems to have been ages since I shared one of my favourite small indie brands and had a giveaway. So to celebrate the start of May (how has that come around so quickly?!) todays post is a review of the Tarts With A Heart Soapy Luxeboxe collection. Keep reading until the end and there is a collection to win. (more…)

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