Summer tyres for summer conditions and before the snow arrives

That summer tyres are for the summer sounds quite obvious. At least it is obvious when you buy the tyres, but once you start driving and the weather conditions might change, you might forget that if the weather changes or you drive to an area with different conditions, these tyres might not be good anymore.

The summer tyre is the best you can get for those hot and dry summer days, with high temperatures and dry asphalt. It doesn’t get any better than this. They even perform perfectly during the heavy summer rain that we all know will come now and then. The grooves in the tyre are designed to push the water away to the side as the tyre moves through amassed water on the surface. The key is to push the water away for the tyre to still have contact with the road surface. If the tyre is not able to push away all the water to the sides, you will risk getting into a situation where you have water between the tyre and the road. This state is called aquaplaning. It results in a state where the tyre will glide on top of the water and lose all the traction it had established as rubber against the asphalt.

Aquaplaning is a state of no control. This it is a dangerous state. The way to get out of this state is to reduce the speed; as the speed is reduced, the tyre will be able to push enough water to the sides again to regain contact with the surface, and traction will be restored. The more tread depth and better-quality tyre you have, the less likely you are to experience this. Make sure that your tread depth is above 4mm on all tyres. Speed is another important factor, so try to adjust your speed to the weather conditions that prevail. Moderate speed is always to prefer, and the speed limits are not set as the speed you have to drive regardless of the conditions you are experiencing.

If you move towards winter weather or freezing temperatures, you need to switch to a tyre designed for winter conditions. You need winter tyres that has grooves that can handle snow and slush instead of water. Here it is crucial that the tyre can push away the slush to ensure that you have contact with the road surface in the same way it was important that you had contact when there was water on the road. In addition to the grooves handling snow and slush, your treads need to deliver enough traction to ensure your safety while you drive. It needs to give you sufficient traction when you accelerate, when you de-accelerate when you turn and take corners.

A high-quality tyres will ensure that you have better performance throughout the year and that you will be safer while you drive. You need to rely on your tyres, regardless of the weather conditions you are experiencing.

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