Regardless of the bathroom’s convenience within the household, the average lifespan lasts up to a minimum of five (5) years. Its maximum longevity is around ten (10) years. The comfort room is one of the most utilized areas at home. It is the safe place, escape from all the stressful things that reality brings, and the resting domain that provides cleanliness, cleanse, and comfort – which helps calm an individual’s nerves and shake off all the distressing thoughts away.

The daily utilization of the bathroom only proves that the section gets antiquated quickly, preferably when it did not meet its proper sanitation and maintenance. However, the lavatory is a little area that a homeowner prioritizes when it comes down to renovation.

But why?

Bathrooms are one of the rooms that have an enormous impact in either creating or destroying interest in homebuyers. Thus, this area is the final on the refurbishment list of the household, considering it takes an abundant amount of planning. The majority of the consumers desire to purchase a house with a powerhouse bathroom that provides an effortless convenience. The charm is only an additional stimulant to the eyes of the beholder.

In the previous generations, bathrooms used to focus more on function than style. The modernism that came forth in the 20th century changed the whole bathroom styling concept. Vogue is an essential part of a human. It is self-expression, the mirror of an individual that gives others an idea of their character and personality.

Panache can not only be seen in the way people wear. At home, the design that a homeowner provides says about their personality.

On the infographic below made by DURACARE Baths, the company shares the best and stylish ways to transform a shower into a more modernized and elegant conversion:

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