Roller Shutter Maintenance Tips

High-quality commercial roller shutters can service your property for years. But because shutters are meant to protect your home from damage and extreme weather conditions, their integrity may wear out over time. Once you see noticeable wear and tear on your shutters, perhaps it’s time to do some maintenance work.


If you are a beginner, you might not be sure how to perform maintenance on your kitchen roller door. That’s all right; allow us to guide you through our tips below:

1. Do some Check-Ups

The secret to the longevity of your roller shutters is to perform regular checks to identify issues and underlying damage quickly. Inspect all components of your shutters for signs of forced entry, rusting, faults in the safety mechanism, odd noises, and general wear and tear. The sooner you detect a problem, the sooner you can take action.

2. Clean your Roller Shutters

Allowing dirt and grime to build up on your roller shutters can compromise efficiency and integrity. Excess dust might cause your shutters to run slower, prevent the door from closing correctly, or create jerky movements. The only way to avoid these is to get rid of the dust.

Make it a habit to clean your roller shutters every three months. Simply utilize a dry cloth to remove excess dirt build up. Use a stiff-bristled brush to remove grime from tracks and ventilation holes thoroughly.

You should never use abrasive cleaning products such as steel wool and scrapers since they could damage the surface.

3. Grease Mechanisms

Regular oiling on the mechanisms of your roller shutters helps ensure they run smoothly. Forgetting to grease your shutters can make them stiff and difficult to manoeuvre, which could result in bigger problems.

Always use anti-static grease when oiling your roller shutters for friction balance. Lubricants such as silicon-based products are not recommended since they attract dirt and dust.

4. Repair Any Issues

When you notice a problem with your roller shutters – whether it’s the mechanism or the material – you should start fixing them immediately. Damaged roller shutters are not only hard to use, but they also present a hazard to those near them.

Ignoring any problem might make it worse, and you might end up with a dysfunctional shutter that is costlier to save.

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