Quiet tyres are a better choice for electric vehicles

When you have an electric vehicle or hybrid, you want to make sure you select tyres with low tyre noise. When you drive, you will hear noises from the tyres as they roll on the road, and the noise will increase with speed. When you have, e.g., studded winter tyres, you can hear it even with the newer, softer and quieter studs. When you have a combustion engine, you might not be bothered by the noise as the engine noise will be the most dominant, especially at high speeds. However, with an electric vehicle with very low noise from the electric motor, the tyre noise becomes more predominant, and what didn’t use to be disturbing might become an issue.

When you choose tyres for an electric car or hybrid, you want to select tyres with very low rolling resistance and low tyre noise. The low rolling resistance will ensure that you can drive further with every charge and that the tyres will last longer. Electric cars cause higher tyre wear than combustion engine cars, so you can negate the higher wear by having very low rolling resistance. By also making more frequent tyre rotations, you can extend your lifespan tyres.

The noise that tyres generate you can find on the EU tyre label for easy comparison between tyres. You can also find the rolling resistance by checking the fuel consumption. A low rolling resistance equals a low fuel consumption, which for an electric vehicle would mean that you get further with each charge and that the tyres will last longer. High tyre wear on electric cars is caused by the higher vehicle weight and the higher torque that causes wear, as the tyres will have initial slippage when starting from a standstill.

When you compare the tyre noise on the tyre label, you should be able to find summer tyres that have a low tyre noise and combine it with tyres that also have a good fuel rating. By also adding information from tyre tests among the new summer tyres performed by motor magazines, you should be able to select premium tyres that will give you both ultra-low rolling resistance combined with low tyre noise. You also want to make sure that you get the performance that you want from your tyres. Since tyres are essential in delivering the car’s safety as you drive, the tyres will need to be carefully selected. When you change to winter tyres, the timing of when you switch to winter tyres is also crucial, as you don’t want to be driving with summer tyres when you have winter conditions.

The tyre noise can become relatively high and can impact the driving comfort; also, a high noise level for a long exposure time can cause severe damage to your hearing. You should therefore spend some time selecting the tyres, and preferable test drive the tyres on your vehicle before you purchase them.

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