Common Causes and Symptoms of Piston Ring Failures

Diesel engines remain one of the most widely used machinery in all industries. People initially used diesel engines exclusively in labor-intensive sectors such as agriculture and manufacturing. They are now an integral part of the transportation sector that provides truck owners with better fuel economy and a more durable means of traveling on the road.


Diesel engines are primarily used for heavy-duty tasks. Truck owners need to maintain their diesel engines regularly to ensure optimal diesel power performance. Diesel engines can experience significant stress over time, primarily if it is used for long-distance transport or towing. Truck owners must protect their piston rings, one of the essential elements of a diesel-powered engine.


Piston rings have different functions that help in keeping a diesel engine running. The compression ring, also known as the first ring, is responsible for sealing the combustion chamber entirely and maintaining airtightness.


The other ring that prevents excess gas from leaking into other piston parts is called the wiper ring. This ring features a tapered angle face that wipes the gas from the piston’s movement to the crankshaft.


Another function of a piston ring is to control the oil flow through the cylinder walls. The oil control ring ensures that the combustion chamber walls are free of oil.


Causes of Piston Ring Failure


Due to the heavy workload that diesel engines undergo on the road, piston rings usually receive tremendous pressure from the combustion chamber. This pressure can cause the piston ring to fail in performing its engine functions. The following are some other reasons that can affect your diesel engine’s piston ring performance on the road:


  • Inaccurate assembly
  • Damage in oil control ring
  • Contamination


Symptoms of a Failing Piston Ring


Learning about the various causes of piston ring failures can be helpful for truck owners. It is also essential that they know how to recognize some of the symptoms of a failing piston ring once it happens. With that, the following are some signs and symptoms of a failing piston ring:


  • Unusually high oil consumption
  • Decrease in acceleration rate
  • Excessive exhaust smoke
  • Oil in the air intake
  • Weak truck performance


For more details about the common causes and symptoms of piston ring failure, here is an infographic from Pure Diesel Power.


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