Sambuca, Leeds, Italian restaurant review

For my birthday last week one of my friends took me and Ellie out for a surprise meal to one of my favourite restaurants, Sambuca Italian restaurant in Morley, Leeds.

As it was mid-week the restaurant was pretty quiet so there was no need to book and we didn’t have to wait to be seated. The waiter took our drink orders (more…)

Hair makeover – going grey!

I’ve been feeling fed up with my hair for a while now so as it was my birthday last week I bit the bullet and had a completely new look.

I’ve gone to the same hairdressers for highlights and a trim for about 10 years now but whenever I asked for the colour doing differently I feel like they didn’t really listen and did the same as I’d always had. After asking around friends I decided to try a new hair salon, I’m going to be honest (more…)

Danone Danio yoghurts review *

*pr sample

I was recently sent some yoghurts to review, I’m not usually a huge yoghurt fan so wasn’t sure what to expect from the Danone Danio yoghurts. Danio is a “super thick, super tasty yogurt over a layer of delicious fruit on the bottom. The secret behind danio’s super thickness is that it’s made to Danone’s strained yogurt recipe which uses more milk than standard yogurts to make it amazingly thick and high in protein.” (more…)

Aldi stationery haul

I usually do my weekly food shopping at Aldi, as well as having cheap food they also have seasonal / one- off products so I’m often found rummaging in the baskets for bargains! Last week my local Aldi had lots of stationery in and I managed to get a few different things. (more…)

How to apply gel nail polish at home

I recently reviewed a gel polish starter kit over on my nail blog, Hellznails and several people commented that gel polish is something they’d like to do themselves but that they didn’t know how SO I thought todays post would be brilliant to explain the “how to” in more detail.  (more…)

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