Disney Beauty and the Beast tattoo

If you’ve read some of my other blogposts you might already know that last year I had to have a few small leg procedures then eventually had to have major hip surgery, whilst this made a huge improvement to my life and my surgeon made sure to be careful where cuts etc were made it has obviously left scarring. I’ve been really self-conscious of the scars, as a young (ish!) lady I like to wear skirts and shorts especially when the weather is nice and I felt like I wouldn’t be able to. Once my scars had started to heal I decided I wanted to get a half leg sleeve which would cover it all up and made up my mind I wanted a few large pieces from various different artists to make up the sleeve. (more…)

Gildersome, Leeds Scarecrow Festival

Every year in June Gildersome (a small village we used to live in) in Leeds turns into a Scarecrow Festival for a Sunday and it has become a bit of a family tradition that we go. People, shops, churches and other businesses all get involved in making and displaying scarecrows all around the village and all the surrounding places come along for the day. Each scarecrow (more…)

Homemade ginger biscuits

We’ve been doing a lot of baking recently, not only does that mean I know exactly what is in our food but home baked foods taste so much better and baking is a great way to spend time with Ellie. Even though I’m eating healthier and keeping an eye on my calories etc each day I like to have a little treat each day and these (more…)

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