What The Fudge / Blog Every Day May 19

At Easter I placed an order with What The Fudge for a different Easter present for Ellie (you can read my post about that here) After that I started following them on Instagram…..which has proved to be a pretty fatal for my diet mistake! I recently saw some creme egg fudges and oreo fudges had been made so just had to get some as they are mine and Ellies favourite treats. The fudges were (more…)

My tea obsession / Blog Every Day May 17

My absolute favourite drink is tea, there is just nothing nicer than sitting down for 5 minutes with a good cup of tea! Over the years I’ve moved from just loving a cup of tea to loving anything tea related and now have a strange obsession with teapots and teacups. Whenever I pass anything teapot or teacup shaped (more…)

My top 5 favourite summer nail polishes / Blog Every Day May 16

I love summer as not only is the weather warmer (well hopefully….you never can tell in the UK!) but everything gets brighter too. One of my favourite things to get out now are my summer nail polish colours, I love wearing brighter colours on my fingers and toes.

Today I’ve decided to share my top five favourite nail polish colours for this summer. (more…)

Making juices and smoothies / Blog Every Day May 15

This year I’ve been trying to eat better, one of the things I’ve struggled with the most is eating more fruit and vegetables. After trying to add fruits and vegetables to every meal and failing miserably I started looking into other ways to add them into my diet and eventually came across juicing.


Today I’ve decided to share (more…)

Introducing my pets / Blog Every Day May 13

Today I’ve decided to introduce you all to my fur-babies. We’ve had quite a few different pets over the years but at the moment we have 2 house rabbits.

This is Lois Lane, she’s a 2 year old blue and white broken butterfly mini-lop rabbit. We got her from a show-breeder so she is show standard (more…)

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