Strictly Come Dancing The Live Tour *

Strictly Come Dancing is a Saturday night ritual in a lot of households. It is a feel good, family show that makes ballroom dancing cool. A Saturday night TV show that all ages can enjoy. It’s a show of fake tan, sequins, beautiful dance moves and stunning costumes. We love seeing which celebrities will be taking part in this series show and watching their dancing skills emerge. Routing for our favourites and feeling sorry for the ones who can’t dance. (I sympathise as even the worst dancers are probably better than me!) We love laughing at Brunos extravagance and trying not to laugh at Craigs scathing put downs. Going to watch Strictly Come Dancing The Live Tour isn’t something we have done before so I was so happy to be invited along.

Strictly Come Dancing The Live Show - the stage


Scottish Highlands Travel Wishlist

I have been dreaming of visiting Scotland for quite a while now. Even though I live in the North of England I’ve never crossed over the border. When I think of travelling to Scotland the Scottish Highlands are the places I dream of. The scenery just so beautiful up there! Stunning landscapes, weathered coastlines and plenty of castles and lochs to explore. At Blog at the Beach I found out that have a UK travel section so my Scottish Highlands travel wishlist and plans are coming together nicely.

As I haven’t been to the Scottish Highlands myself all of todays photographs are royalty free photos from Pixabay.

(more…) Blog at the Beach January 2018

This month I was invited to my first ever travel event, the Blog at the Beach January 2018. are the UK’s leading holiday comparison site with 20 million visitors a year. Their website is a mine of information and inspiration. From the website you can compare prices and hotels in specific areas or even choose the date you want to go on holiday and compare holidays around the world. You can find city breaks, beach holidays, skiing trips or even UK mini breaks.

The Blog at the Beach January 2018 is a chance to meet other travel bloggers, talk to themselves and listen to some fabulous guest speakers.



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