How to have a perfect pamper night in

This time of year my focus always shifts on to wellness and self care. My mood always dips slightly as the season changes. The colder, wetter weather and darker mornings and nights are not something I enjoy at all. Even if your mood doesn’t change with the seasons we’re moving in to a busy, expensive and stressful time of year, Christmas. Today I’m sharing my tips and tricks on how to have a perfect pamper night to relax the body and mind.


Finding my perfect tea company in Adagio Teas *

I’m a huge tea fanatic, nothing makes me happier than having a mug of hot tea in my hand. For me tea solves everything, rough night – tea, celebrating – tea, bad day – tea… you get the idea! Being caffeine intolerant makes finding a range of teas difficult though. Most brands stock a generic decaf black tea and leave me looking at the flavoured teas longingly. Fortunately for me Adagio Teas stock a huge range of teas and a large selection of them are decaf.


Five things to do in Scarborough South Bay

Living in Leeds, the North Yorkshire East Coast are our nearest seasides. Whitby is usually our go to seaside town but we have been trying some of the others recently too. Scarborough is the largest beach resort in Yorkshire and it is really popular with tourists. Huge limestone cliffs are the backdrop to the beach and separate it in to two sections. North Bay is the quieter area and South Bay, where we have spent the day, the busier part. Here are five things to do in Scarborough South Bay.


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