Visiting Alnwick Castle

Visiting Alnwick Castle is something I have been wanting to tick off my wishlist for a while. Not only is it a gorgeous castle and grounds, but it’s Hogwarts. Yes, actual Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! The first two Harry Potter films used Alnwick Castle as the school. And the Harry Potter geek in me needs to see it. I finally had my chance to wander around it during our Northumberland holiday.


Eminem at Twickenham Stadium

Last weekend was a weekend both me and Ellie have been waiting the longest time for. We were finally going to see Eminem at Twickenham Stadium, the first time for both of us. I have been a huge fan for 19 years now and wow that makes me feel so old! Despite trying to keep Ellie away from him, because hello super inappropriate lyrics, she loves him too.  (more…)

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