Optimising Job Costing with Construction Management Software

Business owners in the construction and building industry know how hard it is to be financially stable during a project. It is a must that they properly assess the project’s prospective profitability in the business. Labour, materials, and overhead are the main categories that need to be met by job costing processes. This is challenging work. But the good thing is that estimate and construction accounting software may be used to make job order costs determine profitable projects.

Calculating Job Order Costs

Job order costs are vital in both micro and macro-level cost information. It covers the smallest detail of a project until its completion. Details like expenditure, payroll-through-site excavation, foundation pouring, and other activities by the workers a document management software are well monitored.

Material Costs

Prices paid for the materials used for the whole building process fall under this category. It is divided into two other types; materials like concrete, wood, steel, electric wires, and other materials fall under direct costs, while materials such as fittings, fasteners, safety equipment, glue, helmets, tapes, etc., that are used for several jobs are categorized as indirect costs or expenses.

Labor Costs

The main expense—is labour. That is why keeping track of subcontractors and crew members is critical. Monitoring their overtime hours, spending, and compensation are included in this.

Overhead Expenses

Often totalled and included in the final costing sheet are expenses such as cleaning supplies, cost of subcontractors, insurance, machine depreciation, utilities, insurance, and property taxes. This is charged when a construction project is completed.

Many constructions and building companies now enjoy a better job costing, which was time-consuming years ago. But with construction management software, these expenses can be well sorted, and a company can get a clearer picture of what needs adjustment to spend the fund project accordingly. Using this gift of technology and advancement enables management to maintain a healthy cash flow and profit margin. With job costing management software, detecting cost overruns and potential material mismanagement can be avoided beforehand. 

Check out this infographic by Bizprac Construction and Estimating Software for Builders.

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