Improvements for added safety to your summer tyres

Improvements in summer tyres allow for excellent driving performance even in the summer. It used to be the case that you needed dedicated summer tyres to get excellent dry and wet traction on baking hot, slightly damp or wet roads. This is because summer tyres are made of a tread compound using additive for improved road grip in wet and dry conditions. For optimal performance during the warm seasons, you need tyres that can perform well on both dry and wet roads. The tyres will need to have an excellent wet grip and be able to effectively prevent aquaplaning from occurring. A lot of the new improvements have been targeted at reducing the risk for aquaplaning, as it is the major reason for accidents during the summer months when you have wet conditions.

Some of the latest improvements have been how to improve the water flow speed, the channelling effects and the tyre’s ability to store water within the tread. Some of these new improvements have been used in the Nokian Powerproof summer tyres. New technologies like polished grooves allow for more rapid water flow as you can reduce the occurrence of turbulence and keep the flow to be laminar at a higher speed. They have also implemented

This allows these tyres to have excellent grip, great handling, quiet drive and low rolling resistance, so in other words same benefits you see in a dedicated summer tyre without the need to change tyres after the summer season. The summer tyres were originally considered the best choice to protect against hydroplaning with unexpected rain showers in the summer; however, with the advances in the summer tyres.  The Nokian Powerproof utilizes the polished grooves technology, which makes them good at preventing hydroplaning. You should be looking for tyres that have incorporated these latest improvements to make the tyres more effective in preventing aquaplaning and improving their safety.

No matter how great your summer tyres are, you still need to change to winter tyres when the winter is approaching. Winter tyres require a different rubber compound, one that remains soft also at very low temperatures. You also need a very different tread, which incorporates improvements for handling ice, snow, and slush. Even UHP tyres like the Nokian Powerproof won’t stand a chance when they face winter conditions. You will need to switch to Nokian Snowproof P, which is the latest addition of winter tyres that can also handle high speeds for high performance vehicles.

It is not only having excellent tyres that is important. You also need to make sure that you have the correct tyres at the right time. This is why it is important that you switch to winter tyres before the snow arrives. In addition, you also have to make sure that the condition of your tyres is good. You have to measure both tread depth and tyre pressure to make sure that they both are in a satisfactory level.

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