How to best store your all-season tires during the winter

all-season tires

If you are new to having a car and changing from all-season to winter and snow tires, then you might have a few questions. Questions like how do I change tires and what do I do with the all-season tires? Changing tires is not so challenging to do yourself. However, most people will not have the proper tools to do it. So you will then need to invest some money to do it yourself. You will also need to have adequate space where you can do the tire change. I know some people will use the tools in the spare tire kit, but this is not advisable. They are not professional tools and are more to be able to change one tire in case of an emergency so that you can get to a tire service station.

It is difficult to get enough leveraged force to loosen the bolts and then correctly fasten them. Therefore, if you don’t have the proper tools and don’t feel like investing in tools, just take the car to a car service station and let them change the tires for you. There are a few advantages with this scenario, as they are experts, you know they are experienced at handling tires and doing the change. When they handle your tires, they will be able to inform you if they see any problems with the tires they will put on or the ones that they take off. This can be some damage to the tire from potholes or curb impacts or the tread pattern is worn out or uneven wear.

They will also make sure that the tires are properly rotated and that the tires are marked properly. Before they are mounted, they change the tire valves and fill the tires with the correct tire pressure. You will know that they have been properly mounted. Some can also store the all-season tires in their tire storage facility until you need them next year when the snow melts and the summer is approaching. This will save you some hassle, as then it is even more convenient to do the tire change, as you don’t have to prepare anything before the change, nor do you have to carry the tires back home and store them.

When you purchase new tires, you should always be looking for the safest option for your vehicle. The premium tires that are available tend to have the best safety profile. It might look like you are paying more for them as the initial investment might be slightly higher, but over time you will recuperate that in lower tire wear and lower fuel consumption. When you have invested money into your tires you also want to make sure that you do the most to maintain them properly. Some of the maintenance steps mentioned above are needed to obtain the best performance over time from your tires. You also need to always ensure that your tires have the correct pressure.

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