Get the correct tire dimension for your light truck or SUV

265/70R16 all-season tires

Purchasing the correct dimension is important as you will alter the vehicles behavior and performance if you change the tire dimension. You will also possibly change the reading of key instruments such as the speedometer and odometer. This is why it should be avoided and you should follow what the vehicle manufacturer recommends. To find the correct dimension, check the owner’s manual or check the sidewall of the current tires that you have on your vehicle.

When you need to purchase new tires for a vehicle that has currently have tires of the dimension of; 265/70R16, then you will need to get either 265/70R16 all-season tires265/70R16 winter tires or then 265/70R16 all-weather tires. If you have any winter conditions where you live on where you plan to drive you will need to have winter approved tires, even for a large and heavy vehicle that already has big rugged tires. This leaves you with either winter tires that you should alternate with all-season tires for the summers or then you can use all-weather tires that are winter approved that you can use as all-year round tires.

If you for any reason is determined to change the dimension of the tires, then check with the vehicle manufacturer or an expert at the tire shop to get their expert advice so that you can make the change in the safest possible way, without impacting the instruments.

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