Factors that Affect Your Roof’s Life Expectancy

The roof plays a significant role in ensuring that people and their belongings are protected from different weather conditions for decades. However, like other home components, the roof does not last forever as it experiences wear and tear and has a limited life expectancy.

study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Bank of America Home Equity details the factors affecting the lifespan of housing components. Accordingly, the quality of installation, proper building and design, maintenance, and local weather and climate conditions are among the various elements and variables that can impact the roof’s useful life.

Understanding how different factors can affect the roof’s integrity and longevity will help Suffolk County homeowners determine how they could adequately treat and maintain their roof.

Weather and climate conditions are among the variables that affect the roof’s life expectancy. Exposure to ultraviolet rays, strong winds, heavy hail, thunderstorms, rain, and snow can put a lot of pressure on the roof and cause materials to wear. Therefore, to increase the roof’s useful life and ensure that the roof is durable enough to withstand different weather elements, residents must consider their local weather and climate conditions when selecting the materials they will use for their roofing system.

As the quality of roofing materials, installation can also affect the structure’s integrity and longevity and homeowners must work with professional contractors. Roofing experts can help residents choose the ideal material for their homes and guarantee a quality installation.

Furthermore, professional roofers are also highly-trained in conducting maintenance, inspection, and roof repair in Suffolk County. It is crucial to perform regular roof maintenance as it can significantly increase the roof’s life expectancy. Routine inspection allows homeowners to check if there are developing roofing problems that need to be addressed and determine whether they need roof and chimney repair in Suffolk County, NY.

Knowing the different factors that could affect the roof’s life expectancy will help homeowners maximize their investment and their home’s safety. Here is an infographic by Long Island Roofing and Chimney, which lists the different factors that affect the roof’s life expectancy.

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