Different tire options suitable for winter

non-studded tires

With winter approaching, it is time to start thinking of what winter tires you will use for your vehicle. For winter driving, you have three options that are approved for winter driving. You have dedicated winter tires, which means that you will need to change to all-season tires after the winter season ends, and you have all-weather tires that are all year round tires that can handle all the seasons. For the dedicated winter tires, you have studded and non-studded tires.

Studded tires are the original winter tires that have metal studs incorporated into the tread to provide the necessary grip on icy surfaces. They have some limitations when it comes to the period when they can be used.

The non-studded tires will use metal studs and can be used without limitations. They are optimized for the winter season and will have increased wear if used during the warmer season. The tires have a unique tread design to create the necessary grip for safe driving on ice and snow.

The all-weather tires are suitable for all weather conditions, so they work just as well on dry summer roads as on snowy winter roads.

Different vehicles will need different tires, special winter tires for SUVs, vans, and light trucks. Larger vehicles than light trucks have special tires, often referred to as heavy tires.

The wear profile for electric or hybrid cars is different than normal gasoline-fueled cars, so they will need other tires. Before buying tires, check that the tires are ok for electric cars.

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