Different Baccarat Games Malaysians Can Try

Baccarat, a simple card game, is one of the world’s most loved games and activities. Baccarat’s gaming tables don’t have any betting limits. This is why there are many people at the Baccarat tables in casinos. In addition, standing people is also permitted to take part in the betting. But thanks to the advancement of technology, baccarat can be enjoyed digitally. People can watch, play, and place wagers in online casinos now. In Asia, you can enjoy online live casino in Malaysia and Singapore. 

We will briefly introduce Baccarat games you can try so you can immediately enjoy the game.

Classic Baccarat

Anyone can enjoy baccarat, especially classic baccarat. It involves three options, betting on the banker, betting on a tie, or betting on a player. In this type of baccarat, gamblers will determine if there is a tie or if the banker or player’s hand has the closest total value to 9.

Although it is not required, researching how to play baccarat can make a big difference. 

Baccarat Squeeze

This baccarat variant has the dealer dealing the cards face-down instead of the traditional face-up baccarat. This variation from standard baccarat gaming makes the round even more thrilling and exciting because gamblers can anticipate whether the outcome will be favourable or not.

In this one, a gambler can win if he guesses which hand is as same or as close to 9, or rather if there is a tie. 


While baccarat can be an easy casino game for some, this can be challenging as well for other people. This is why it is suggested that not only baccarat should be your only option when playing. In fact, you can still try slot game online Malaysia or other casino games. To know more about the baccarat games you can play, you can continue reading this infographic from CM2Bet.

Different Baccarat Games Malaysians Can Try

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