Common Sports Betting Scams

Are you thinking of participating in sports betting in Malaysia?

While sports betting is fun and profitable, one should not ignore the various scams many gamblers can experience if they are not careful. Below are the common betting scams you need to watch out for. 

No Payouts

Many football betting Malaysia websites entice users with bonuses and extravagant jackpot prizes. But once you are ready to place more bets with more money, you realize you cannot withdraw. Scammers will do all they can to stop you from getting your cash in several ways, such as delayed payment processing or technical issues. Avoid this by ensuring the website is licensed and trustworthy. 

Fake Prediction Software

Some scammers try to take advantage of users by offering bogus betting prediction software. These false software solutions are typically marketed as a method to choose marked betting wagers correctly. These fraudsters will tell you they have a secret formula to success which, unfortunately, many have fallen victim to. Remember that no one would sell a secret recipe if they had one. Instead, they’d keep it to themselves and use it to make a fortune as professional sports gamblers.

Syndicates for Betting

Scammers often use social media to entice you to join their professional betting syndicate. They may claim to be a betting organization that will assist you in making better choices and placing bets and that you can split wins with other syndicate members and pay a registration fee. However, in most situations, you will need to pay regularly to keep your membership.

Bet safely with 88ProAsia

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