European Travel

A day in Barcelona

I’m carrying on with my Catalonia posts today. For me, the most exciting part of our holiday was spending a day in Barcelona. It is a city I have wanted to see for a long time now and I am so happy I have finally seen it for myself.


Catalonia holiday diary

We have been home from our holiday for a couple of weeks now, so my Catalonia holiday diary is well over due. I love sharing my holiday diaries as they’re a great little snippet to read and I always like looking back on them. As always there will be more detailed posts about some of the things soon.


Santa Susanna holiday plans

So todays post was supposed to be different to this. I was going to announce my upcoming holiday with a garden bikini photoshoot. So far though April is bringing us the usual (almost constant) April showers along with the unheard of April snow! Who even knew it could snow in April? But enough of my moaning about the weather and spoilt photography plans….we’re going on holiday! The holiday preparations are well underway and I think we’re finally ready.


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