Visiting Steeton Hall Gateway

Visiting English Heritage sites is rapidly becoming an obsession of mine. The history behind the sites is usually fascinating. The monuments are beautiful, even in their ruined state, and hold so much history. And they are usually set in gorgeous surroundings so are great for a day out walking or with a picnic. Steeton Hall Gateway is the closest English Heritage site to us and somewhere we’ve never visited before.


Five things to do in Scarborough South Bay

Living in Leeds, the North Yorkshire East Coast are our nearest seasides. Whitby is usually our go to seaside town but we have been trying some of the others recently too. Scarborough is the largest beach resort in Yorkshire and it is really popular with tourists. Huge limestone cliffs are the backdrop to the beach and separate it in to two sections. North Bay is the quieter area and South Bay, where we have spent the day, the busier part. Here are five things to do in Scarborough South Bay.


Leeds Festival 2018

Leeds Festival 2018 is a very different LeedsFest for me as I have a new festival buddy. It is Ellie’s first Leeds Festival and her “proper” festival too. Whilst we have been to Bingley Music Live and lots of gigs and concerts we haven’t done a big festival before. As she is 15 now, next summer she is able to go on her own with her friends. As I’m something of a self-confessed festival veteran now I want to take her so she can see what it’s like. I want her to experience everything, know what happens where and generally show her around.  (more…)

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