An apology

Hi guys! So ….it’s been a while hasn’t it? As the title of this post suggests, the main reason for this is an apology. But, I feel like, firstly, I owe you all an explanation for my disapperance. As I mentioned in my pamper post we have been spending a lot of time at the hospital visiting a relative. My grandma was taken in to hospital in January and sadly passed away last week. As she became more and more ill we have been spending more and more time there. It has been a heartbreaking few weeks and I have needed to spend time grieving with my family.  (more…)

Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy Smooth Tour

Regular reader will know I am a huge music fan. Nothing makes me happier (or eats more of my money) than live music tickets. Bands like The Killers, Biffy Clyro and Green Day are my favourites and spending a weekend traipsing around a festival is my idea of heaven. I do have a few musical guilty pleasures, Nelly being one of them. Tickets were released for Leeds but I couldn’t decide how much of a guilty pleasure he is and put off buying them, until the Groupon two for one sale. Taking it as fate just a week later me and Ellie were seeing Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy.  (more…)

Northern Craft Fair haul

I always love attending craft fairs. Despite being creative in my own way I’m not very arty. Seeing the products people design and create with so much love and passion is heart warming. Craft fairs always have something for everyone and you can never leave them without a few sneaky purchases. The Northern Craft Fair was my last fair and today I am sharing the goodies that made their way in to my Northern Craft fair haul and came home with me.  (more…)

Strictly Come Dancing The Live Tour *

Strictly Come Dancing is a Saturday night ritual in a lot of households. It is a feel good, family show that makes ballroom dancing cool. A Saturday night TV show that all ages can enjoy. It’s a show of fake tan, sequins, beautiful dance moves and stunning costumes. We love seeing which celebrities will be taking part in this series show and watching their dancing skills emerge. Routing for our favourites and feeling sorry for the ones who can’t dance. (I sympathise as even the worst dancers are probably better than me!) We love laughing at Brunos extravagance and trying not to laugh at Craigs scathing put downs. Going to watch Strictly Come Dancing The Live Tour isn’t something we have done before so I was so happy to be invited along.

Strictly Come Dancing The Live Show - the stage


My 2018 goals

Some years I set New Years resolutions and some years I don’t. When I do I tend to break them pretty quickly whatever they are! So, this year I’m setting myself goals. Some are things to aim for, some are things I just want to do. Either way there is no pressure to do them and hopefully that will mean I hit them. Keep on reading to find out what my 2018 goals are.


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