A guide to surviving your first festival

Lots of people are packing and getting ready to head down to Leeds & Reading festival this weekend. I’ve been attending Leeds Festival since I was 18 years old…I don’t even want to admit how many years that is! And over the years have been to festivals all over the country. Festivals are amazing fun but quite tough going too. Going to your first festival is so exciting but can be super nerve wracking too as you don’t know what to expect. I have lots of experience and a festival essentials pack from Push Doctor to help me out this year. But for anyone with no experience, here is my guide to surviving your first festival.

A guide to surviving your first festival


One Love Manchester charity concert

Todays post is very picture and word heavy but it is such an important post that really needs to be done justice. One Love Manchester, the charity concert for the victims of the Manchester terror attack. The concert not just our nation but the world was watching. The day Manchester stood up together against terrorism with the world behind it.

One Love Manchester stage (more…)

Take That Wonderland tour

I have a confession to make today. If you have seen my music posts you will already know I am a huge punk rock / indie / emo fan. Pretty much everything about my look gives that away too. But I have a secret! Punk rock didn’t always have my heart, it was taken 25 years ago by a boyband. From just 10 years old I have loved Take That. When I say love I pretty much mean I obsess over. I’ve been to every tour (often more than once!), camped out for tour tickets in the days before Ticketmaster, I have every single, album, DVD (and video!) and book they have ever released. I even have the dolls….still in their original boxes of course *hides head in shame*. So of course I had to get tickets to the Take That Wonderland tour.  (more…)

March Music Playlist

This last month hasn’t seen me going to any concerts or gigs to influence my March music playlist. So this month films, TV and the charts have been influencing what I have been listening to. Here are the songs I am playing most (more…)

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