Ed Sheeran at St James Park Newcastle

This weekend Ellie and I had a little road trip up to Newcastle for something we have been waiting ages for. Seeing Ed Sheeran at St James Park Newcastle. The tickets were part of Ellies birthday present so she has had a long wait.


Thirty Seconds to Mars The Monolith Tour at Manchester Arena

This weekend me, Ellie and my friend Linda saw Thirty Seconds to Mars The Monolith Tour at Manchester Arena. It has been SO many years since Thirty Seconds to Mars have toured the UK so I have been looking forward to this for a long time. Ellie has grown up listening to them and this is the first time she has seen them so I was excited for her too. I love that we like so many of the same bands and that she’s old enough to come along and enjoy them now.

Manchester Arena have brought in a new age restriction in the standing area since re-opening. Now there are no under 16s allowed. Seating isn’t somewhere I would usually chose for a gig but, I have to admit it makes a nice change. My only complaint is from the seats I can’t squeeze my way to the front or get any half-decent photographs.


An apology

Hi guys! So ….it’s been a while hasn’t it? As the title of this post suggests, the main reason for this is an apology. But, I feel like, firstly, I owe you all an explanation for my disapperance. As I mentioned in my pamper post we have been spending a lot of time at the hospital visiting a relative. My grandma was taken in to hospital in January and sadly passed away last week. As she became more and more ill we have been spending more and more time there. It has been a heartbreaking few weeks and I have needed to spend time grieving with my family.  (more…)

Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy Smooth Tour

Regular reader will know I am a huge music fan. Nothing makes me happier (or eats more of my money) than live music tickets. Bands like The Killers, Biffy Clyro and Green Day are my favourites and spending a weekend traipsing around a festival is my idea of heaven. I do have a few musical guilty pleasures, Nelly being one of them. Tickets were released for Leeds but I couldn’t decide how much of a guilty pleasure he is and put off buying them, until the Groupon two for one sale. Taking it as fate just a week later me and Ellie were seeing Nelly at the Leeds O2 Academy.  (more…)

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