Making juices and smoothies / Blog Every Day May 15

This year I’ve been trying to eat better, one of the things I’ve struggled with the most is eating more fruit and vegetables. After trying to add fruits and vegetables to every meal and failing miserably I started looking into other ways to add them into my diet and eventually came across juicing.


Today I’ve decided to share (more…)

Healthy Quinoa lunch recipe / Blog Every Day May day 5

How are all my BEDM fellow bloggers doing so far? Although we’re only five days in I’m really enjoying writing my posts and reading other peoples BEDM posts.

Today I’m sharing one of my healthy lunch recipes, this year I’ve been trying to eat healthier and move more. Packed lunches to take to work are something I really struggle with (lets be honest salad pitta sandwiches get boring pretty quickly!) One of the best tips I’ve had so far is (more…)

Danone Danio yoghurts review *

*pr sample

I was recently sent some yoghurts to review, I’m not usually a huge yoghurt fan so wasn’t sure what to expect from the Danone Danio yoghurts. Danio is a “super thick, super tasty yogurt over a layer of delicious fruit on the bottom. The secret behind danio’s super thickness is that it’s made to Danone’s strained yogurt recipe which uses more milk than standard yogurts to make it amazingly thick and high in protein.” (more…)

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