Easy baking ideas for the Great British Bake Off final *

Tonight is the Great British Bake Off final and I can’t wait! Who are you thinking will win this year? I’m rooting for Rahul because he is just adorable and apart from a couple of off weeks has been brilliant throughout. Like most of the nation GBBO ignites my love of home baking and we often bake more whilst it is on. There is nothing quite like the smell of baking in the oven, the taste of warm cookies or the sight of a show stopping cake. Even though Bake Off inspires technical bakes sometimes it’s ok to make baking simpler and make it work for you.


My Cook Box

You will all already know I love eating out, it’s something I share regularly on here. One thing you might not know though is that I am a huge fan of cooking too. I really enjoy cooking (and eating) new meals and our family favourites. When meal planning for the weekly shop though it is so easy to stick to meals you know how to make and that you know everyone likes. And eating the same thing week in week out gets boring pretty quickly! Meal subscription boxes take the weekly meal planning out, as well as saving on actual food shopping and weighing and measuring the ingredients. I recently heard about My Cook Box and had to give them a go.


Celebrating the end of exams with a Bakerdays cake *

Like a lot of houses with teenagers it has been a stressful few months here. Ellie has been busy revising and then sitting her exams. They are only her mocks, but it is still stressful for her. And me…checking she’s actually revising and not scrolling instagram. The exams are over now and even though she hasn’t had her results yet I’m a proud mama! Recently Bakerdays got in touch with me so I knew I had to choose a personalised cake for Ellie to congratulate her for finishing her exams. So, today we are celebrating the end of exams with a Bakerdays cake. Keep reading to the end as I have a giveaway AND discount code for you all too.


Ombar raw vegan chocolate review

It is no secret by now that I am a big foodie. I love eating and love trying new foods. One thing I am guilty of is snacking, usually on naughty “treats”. So, when asked if I would like to try some Ombar raw vegan chocolate I had to take them up on the offer.  (more…)

Baking with Crazy Jack Organics *

Cooking is something me and Ellie love to do together. It’s a great mother and daughter activity and eating it all after is pretty amazing too! Cooking yourself from scratch means you know exactly what is in them which I’m always happy to know. Crazy Jack Organics produce fabulous snacking, cooking and baking organic foods free from chemicals. Today we are baking with Crazy Jack Organics.

Baking with Crazy Jack Organics


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