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Brunch at Hyde Park Book Club Leeds *

Being a blogger with a passion for food means I eat in some pretty amazing places. Living in Leeds I am very lucky and spoilt for choice of venues. Every now and again somewhere I find somewhere that I just know is “me”. Sometimes it’s the food, sometimes it’s the venue and sometimes it’s just the feel of it. Having brunch at Hyde Park Book Club Leeds is one of those places for me.  (more…)

The Calverley Arms, Leeds

What’s your favourite meal? Mine has to be the good old British roast dinner. There’s nothing more comforting for me than a roast joint of meat, crispy roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings and lashings of gravy. Unfortunately for me Ellie isn’t too keen on roast dinners so it’s not something I cook often. Recently we went along to The Calverley Arms, Leeds for a family meal out. This is a perfect location for us as I can have my roast and Ellie can have something different.

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Baking with Crazy Jack Organics *

Cooking is something me and Ellie love to do together. It’s a great mother and daughter activity and eating it all after is pretty amazing too! Cooking yourself from scratch means you know exactly what is in them which I’m always happy to know. Crazy Jack Organics produce fabulous snacking, cooking and baking organic foods free from chemicals. Today we are baking with Crazy Jack Organics.

Baking with Crazy Jack Organics


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