Building a Boardwalk? Here’s Why You Should Leverage Infracore®Inside FRPs

As sustainability becomes a core part of construction, industries look for materials that ensure ecological results. This led to the creation of fibre-reinforced polymers – sturdy composites with excellent strength-to-weight ratio, sustainable nature, and aesthetic potential.

If you are looking for better FRPs, Sustainable Infrastructure Systems’ Infracore®Inside technology is your solution.

But what is Infracore®Inside Technology, and why is it beneficial for building boardwalks?

Defining Infracore®Inside Technology

Infracore®Inside Technology is developed by Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (SIS) to manufacture stronger fail-safe FRP products. This method is the foundation of FibreCore’s FRP composite bridges and road decks, allowing them to make structures that can handle heavy loads and tough conditions, up to 60 tons.

Why You Should Infracore®Inside Technology

Boardwalks are constantly exposed to harsh outdoor elements, causing a buildup of damage over time. It can be tedious and expensive to repair any form of wear on these bridges constantly, and any neglected damage can result in injuries and accidents.

Though FRPs are built tough, they face issues with delamination. Delamination occurs when layers of material from FRP bridges separate and break.

This common problem was one of the primary reasons for developing the Infracore®Inside Technology.

Below are some of the benefits you can reap from leveraging SIS’s Infracore®Inside:


We all want materials that can stay sturdy even after exposure to demanding conditions. Fibre-reinforced polymers are well known for their incredible strength-to-weight ratio, which means they are hardy while lightweight. Unfortunately, that does not make them immune to damage.

By using the Infracore®Inside method of manufacturing, FRP composite boardwalks have increased strength and resistance, allowing them to handle heavy loads and withstand the harshest environments.


As mentioned, FRP composite bridges often suffer from material separation, especially when something hits the structure. This can make them unsafe under certain circumstances.

Fortunately, Infracore®Inside has solved this common issue. Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (SIS)’s Infracore® FRPs have been designed so the different parts of the structure can’t separate under regular use, and this also means they don’t need to use a lot of extra materials.


Experts worldwide have tested and checked Infracore®Inside Technology to ensure functionality, helping them create smarter structures. These FRPs let them build and combine in pieces, which is cheaper and easier. If you wish to learn more about the wonders of Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (SIS)’s Infracore®Inside Technology, don’t hesitate to visit their website today.

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