All-weather tires that are recommended for an electric SUV?

Nokian WR G4 SUV

The concept of all-weather tires is that you have one set of tires that can handle both winter and summer weather conditions. This enables you to only use one set of tires on your vehicle for the whole year. This is very convenient for areas that doesn’t really have a long winter season and the winter conditions that are present tends to be short and very unstable with a lot of changing weather conditions. It is in these conditions where you really want a tire option that can handle any weather conditions so that you are always ready to drive.

If you have an electric SUV of a hybrid you need to know that the tires that you select are recommended for this use. When it comes to the Nokian WR G4 SUV tires, they are recommended for electric and hybrid SUVs, so that you can safely use them for your electric SUV. They are also especially designed for safety and carefree driving in any season. It allows for excellent handling, stability, low rolling resistance and control even at high speeds. They are approved for winter use so that you can safely drive during any season of the year. This differentiate them from all-season tires that aren’t approved for winter use and shouldn’t be used when you have winter conditions. Always check if your tires have the severe service emblem on the sidewall of the tires if you plan to drive in winter conditions, as often the case if you have all-year round tires.

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