5 Utility Trailer Upgrades Must-Haves

Most trailers you can buy on the market can satisfy basic functions and your budget. But many are not user-friendly, often lacking the necessary features such as ramps and a jockey wheel. While these basic trailers can pass safety regulations, they may not be enough to work efficiently.

It’s not easy looking for a trailer with all the necessary components. Fortunately, there are various upgrades you can purchase to make hauling easier and safer. 

From lazy axle installation to handy spare tyres, here are five upgrades for your trailer.

For Weight Distribution: Lazy Axle

Trailers are built sturdy enough to haul heavy cargo, but not all can carry a certain weight. You can install a lazy axle if you need to transport heavy equipment and any other similar loads.

Also called a dead axle or tag axle, the lazy axle is an additional axle attached to the trailer but does not provide power or steering. Its main purpose is to distribute weight evenly across all axles, allowing the trailer to have increased load capacity and stability.

For Road Visibility: Trailer Lights

Trailers lights are not just an accessory to purchase on a whim – these features are mandated by law. Installing lights ensure other drivers see you on the road during low visibility, keeping you, your vehicle, and the cargo safe.

While many trailers come with pre-installed lights, you should purchase some if yours does not. You can also equip the vehicle with LED submersible tail lights for increased corrosion resistance.

For Manoeuvrability: Jockey Wheel

When your trailer is unhitched, it can be difficult to manoeuvre it and maintain its balance. A jockey wheel help keeps your trailer level and provides the necessary stability while loading.

Whether hitched or unhitched, jockey wheels allow you to move the trailer without the assistance of a towing vehicle.

For Security: Trailer Cages

Keeping your cargo safe when you have an open trailer can be challenging since you must find ways to stop loads from leaping off the back during travel. 

Trailer cages are excellent solutions for ensuring smaller cargo stays encapsulated in your trailer. These metal frames prevent cargo from bouncing off the vehicle and also prevent theft when you plan to leave your trailer parked unsupervised.

For Repairs: Toolbox

You’ll never know when your trailer will have an issue during transport. Whether it’s a flat tyre or a malfunctioning light, having a toolbox filled with the needed equipment can be handy.

Also, consider bringing a spare tyre in case one goes flat and help is kilometres away.

Buy Top Grade Trailer Enhancement Parts

The quality of the accessories you install in your trailer will affect its overall performance. For some of the best trailer parts in Australia, perfect for many vehicles, don’t hesitate to contact Trailers 2000 Parts today.

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