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A few weeks ago a collaboration landed in my emails that was the absolute dream day out for me. A chance to go to the new Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds. I love being outdoors and anything that challenges me and is fun too. So this is a perfect day out for me. 

Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds

Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds opened in May and we hadn’t had the chance to visit yet. In case you don’t know, Go Ape have sites all over the UK and are an outdoor adventure obstacle course. Think walkways between tree tops, nets and zip wires. The Leeds site has three different levels so has something for all ages (and height tolerances).

Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds - course in the Autumn

Our day at Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds

We have perfect weather for our day at Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds, clear and dry and not too chilly. On arriving we are given some rules to read and a form to sign before being put in our harnesses.

Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds - walking across a rope ladder


The first part of the course is a small practice run. You get to see how you are fastened on to the course. (Super important if like Ellie you’re convinced you might fall off!) Plus have a go at a couple of crossings, clipping yourself on and off and a small zip line to the ground.


Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds - walking across a rope ladder


After a practice run it’s on to the main course. There are lots of crossings between the platforms in the trees. Some are quite study and others are really wobbly and swing around. The swinging platforms had us in fits of giggles before we even got on to the trickier parts of the course.


Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds - swinging across platforms


The big kid in me loves the Tarzan swings between the trees. It is quite exhilarating flying across the course on them and some are surprisingly fast.

The net parts of the course are the trickiest, well for us anyway. There are a few along the courses and all had us howling with laughter. From getting feet and arms stuck to just being weaklings both of us found them hard.

Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds - climbing a suspended net


Going to Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds in Autumn means you get to see the park at its prettiest. The platforms up in the tree tops give stunning views and I love the colours.

Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds - dangling feet over edge of high platform


At the end of each part of the course is a zip wire back down to the ground. These are probably my favourite part of the courses. Ellie is a pro at landing these.

Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds - landing the zip wire


Whereas I end up in a heap on the floor. Every. Single. Time! My crash landings definitely give us the most laughs and we are still laughing about some of them now.


Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds - falling at the zip wire


It takes around 3 hours to do the full level 3 course and we were just over that. Once you are on the ground with the harnesses off there is a certificate. Even at 36 I do love a good certificate of achievement.


Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds - standing with certificates at the finish


Go Ape at Temple Newsham – tips

The Go Ape website has some great tips in their FAQ but here are a few of my own.

Wear sturdy shoes. I have my walking boots and Ellie has trainers. If you are going on a dry day I would go for trainers as walking boots can be a bit chunky when you are on the nets.

Wear gloves. There are a lot of wires and ropes to hold on to along the course. Whilst they don’t hurt your hands it’s just a bit more comfortable with them on.

Wear comfy clothes and fully cover up. My go to outfit for anything outdoors is a hoodie and leggings which is perfect. Especially if you’re like me and spend a lot of time dragging along the end of a zip wire! Ellie found the harness a little uncomfortable in some parts of the course with skinny jeans on.

Prepare to be there a full morning or afternoon. Whilst the website does say the course is around 3 hours it’s easy to presume that would be the longest amount of time to be there. But I can’t imagine you can complete it all in much less time.

Have some hot chocolate, cake and a bath bomb at home for afterwards. After an afternoon climbing, swinging and falling over you can’t beat coming home to a hot chocolate and sweet treat. A nice hot bath will soothe any tired muscles.


Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds – final thoughts

Both me and Ellie loved our afternoon at Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds. It is fun, exhilarating, challenging and a great way to burn off some energy outdoors. I can’t remember the last time we laughed so much on a day out. Go Ape is definitely we will be doing again and I would love to try some of the different sites around the country.


Have you been to Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds? Or any of the other sites? Is it somewhere you would like to go?



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*We received entry to Go Ape at Temple Newsham Leeds in exchange for this blog post. All words and opinions of it are our own.

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  1. We have one not far from us, I would really love to try this. Looks fun and exciting.


  2. sounds sooo fun but I would probably be pretty nervous trying stuff like this! what a brilliant idea for a day out though

  3. Wow i absolutely love this place. My daughters and hubby would love it here. What a fab idea and i bet its not a place you would tire of visiting either

  4. It looks like you had a great time. We’ve still not tried Go Ape yet but I think it would be a great day out. My youngest daughter would love it. Great tips for enjoying the day too

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