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Visiting English Heritage sites is rapidly becoming an obsession of mine. The history behind the sites is usually fascinating. The monuments are beautiful, even in their ruined state, and hold so much history. And they are usually set in gorgeous surroundings so are great for a day out walking or with a picnic. Steeton Hall Gateway is the closest English Heritage site to us and somewhere we’ve never visited before.

About Steeton Hall Gateway

Steeton Hall Gateway view from the road


Even though we are only 13 miles away, I knew nothing about the site before our visit. Steeton Hall Gateway is the surviving element of a medieval manor estate from the 14th century. An apartment and newer buildings still remain but they are private with no public access.

Steeton Hall Gateway is free to visit and is open during daylight hours. There is no parking on site so you will need to park in South Milford village and walk along the country road to it.


Steeton Hall Gateway South Milford sign

Steeton Hall Gateway country road

Our visit to Steeton Hall Gateway

Steeton Hall Gateway


Steeton Hall Gateway really is just the gateway! Although I knew that from the photographs on the English Heritage website I was surprised at how small it is.

The building itself is stunning though. It is really impressive as you see it from the road and walk up to it. From the ruins you can picture the walls carrying on and protecting the manor.


Steeton Hall Gateway - standing inside the gateway


You can walk through both the pedestrian and vehicle gateways but can’t go much further as the hall behind is private.

Whilst you can’t go inside the gateway you can still see some of the stairs and doors.


Steeton Hall Gateway - the lower level door

Steeton Hall Gateway - the upper level door and staircase


Sitting in a rural part of Leeds means there are some gorgeous views around Steeton Hall Gateway, especially looking back through the archways.


Steeton Hall Gateway - view through the gateway


Steeton Hall Gateway – final thoughts

Steeton Hall Gateway - sitting on the steps


Although the remains of Steeton Hall Gateway are small they are beautiful and really interesting. We enjoyed the time we spent there looking at them.

Whilst it probably isn’t worth a visit just to see them if you are passing near by it is worth stopping off for half an hour. There are some cute looking pubs nearby so a Sunday lunch in one and walk down to the Gateway would be worth doing too.

Steeton Hall Gateway


Do you like visiting English Heritage sites? Where is your favourite one to visit?


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  1. Oh my God, this is absolutely gorgeous! I’m always looking for more countryside get aways (rather than just the same place in the New Forest we always go to) so I’ll definitely be taking a look at this!

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