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Leeds Festival 2018 is a very different LeedsFest for me as I have a new festival buddy. It is Ellie’s first Leeds Festival and her “proper” festival too. Whilst we have been to Bingley Music Live and lots of gigs and concerts we haven’t done a big festival before. As she is 15 now, next summer she is able to go on her own with her friends. As I’m something of a self-confessed festival veteran now I want to take her so she can see what it’s like. I want her to experience everything, know what happens where and generally show her around. 

As a mum it terrifies me to think next summer she will be able to head off with a tent and her friends for the weekend with no idea what it entails. So, knowing she already knows the festival site and is prepared for everything will be really reassuring.

At the last minute we have decided against camping and are using the shuttle bus. The festival shuttle bus service is quick, easy and reliable. There are coaches running backwards and forwards between the festival and Leeds City Centre day and night. A wristband to hop on and off all weekend is a really reasonable price too.


Leeds Festival 2018 Day One

It Friday morning of Leeds Festival 2018 and the sun is shining. It is forecast to be dry all day and we can’t wait to get there. There is a band I want to see at 12 so we are on the shuttle bus early. The weatherman isn’t right though and there are quite a few heavy rain showers as well as some hailstone too. It doesn’t spoil the day and we had an amazing first day.


Day One What we wore

Leeds Festival 2018 what we wore - my outfit shot

Dungarees and vest Primark, socks Aldi and wellies Hunter

Leeds Festival 2018 what we wore - Ellies outfit shot

T-shirt River Island, shorts H&M, socks Aldi, wellies Asda.

Day One What we ate

Leeds Festival 2018 what we ate - chips and gravy
Chips and gravy
Leeds Festival 2018 what we ate - churros with nutella
Churros with nutella chocolate sauce
Leeds Festival 2018 what we ate - ham and rocket pizza
Ham & rocket pizza

Day One Who we saw

Day One of Leeds Festival 2018 sees us running around between all the different tents to see everyone on the lineup we want to see.

We saw Twisted Wheel, The Joy Formidable, Let’s Eat Grandma, NF, Krept x Konan, Welshly Arms, The Vaccines, Courteeners and Kings of Leon.


Leeds Festival 2018 Kings of Leon
Kings of Leon
Leeds Festival 2018 Courteeners


The highlight of my day are The Vaccines, who I’ve been a fan of for a long time, and NF. NF is Ellies favourite rapper and even if you don’t know the songs he puts on an amazing show.


Leeds Festival 2018 NF
Leeds Festival 2018 The Vaccines
The Vaccines

Leeds Festival 2018 Day Two

Saturday of Leeds Festival 2018 and we are up and out at a similar time. The shuttle bus queues seem a lot bigger today but we get through and on the bus quickly. It is sunny and dry all day, which makes such a difference at a festival. We see some of our favourite bands and have another amazing day.


Day Two What we wore

Leeds Festival 2018 what we wore - my outfit shot

T-shirt Primark, shorts River Island, socks Aldi, wellies Hunter

Leeds Festival 2018 what we wore - Ellies outfit shot

T-shirt Converse, shorts H&M, socks Aldi, wellies George@Asda.

Day Two What we ate

Leeds Festival 2018 what we ate - chicken, rice and salsa
Chicken, rice and salsa
Leeds Festival 2018 what we ate - chicken and curly fries
Fried chicken and curly fries
Leeds Festival 2018 what we ate - chicken noodles
Chicken noodles

Day Two Who we saw

As day two of Leeds Festival 2018 is much sunnier, other than Bring Me The Horizons secret set in one of the tents, it is a sitting outside by the main stage day. (I have to give the lovely Bee a massive thank you for letting me know when the secret set was going to be).

We saw SWMRS, Bring Me The Horizon, Creeper, Post Malone, The Wombats, The Kooks, Travis Scott and Fall Out Boy. As the crowd cleared after Travis Scott we spotted a space right at the front barrier and got in it. My inner teenage emo has a front row spot for Fall Out Boy and couldn’t be happier!

The highlight of my day is Bring Me The Horizon’s secret set and Fall Out Boy. Pete Wentz blasting fire out of his guitar is everything. 


Leeds Festival 2018 Bring Me The Horizon
Bring Me The Horizon
Leeds Festival 2018 Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy

Leeds Festival 2018 Day Three

Our last day of Leeds Festival 2018 and the weather couldn’t be anymore different. Grey, cloudy and raining all day. Being at home though means we can bundle ourselves up with lots of layers and waterproofs before heading off for the day. Despite the weather and the mud it is one of my favourite days. I am a massive Panic! At The Disco fan so they are my favourite band of the weekend.


Day Three What we wore

Leeds Festival 2018 what we wore - my outfit shot

Vest, top, tights and socks Primark, shorts River Island, shirt boutique store, wellies Hunter.

Leeds Festival 2018 what we wore - Ellies outfit shot

T-shirt H&M, shorts New Look, socks Aldi, wellies George@Asda.

Day Three What we ate

Leeds Festival 2018 what we ate - macaroni cheese
Macaroni cheese
Leeds Festival 2018 what we ate - cookie dough
Cookie dough with salted caramel sauce
Leeds Festival 2018 what we ate - samosas

Day Three Who we saw

As the weather at Leeds Festival 2018 is so bad for day three as much time as possible is spent in tents. Only venturing down to the main stage for the bands we really want to see. We still got to see our favourites and caught some great bands in the tents.

We saw Alma, Brockhampton, Dua Lipa, N.E.R.D, Panic! At The Disco, Alan Walker, Pendulum and Kendrick Lamar.


Leeds Festival 2018 N.E.R.D


My highlight of the day is Panic! At The Disco. I have been a huge fan since their first album and love them every time I see them.


Leeds Festival 2018 Panic! At The Disco
Panic! At The Disco
Leeds Festival 2018 Panic! At The Disco
Panic! At The Disco

Leeds Festival 2018 Final thoughts

Both me and Ellie had an amazing weekend at Leeds Festival 2018. Being able to take Ellie to her first festival is such a lovely experience and something I’m so proud I was able to do.

We saw some of our favourite bands and found lots of new bands to love. I know the line up had a lots of mixed reviews. Ellie absolutely loved the rap artists there. Having being at the first Leeds Festival in 1999 I do agree with the other side that it is a rock and indie festival. I love seeing the big guitar bands, the indie bands and the punk bands. The festival does have to move with the times but maybe adding a rap tent might work?

Whilst not camping does make it a different experience it doesn’t make it worse. I thought missing the campsite atmosphere and experiences would spoil it but it doesn’t at all. The shuttle bus is so easy to use and its so good to come home, get warm and get in my own bed.

The food trucks really need a special mention. There is so much choice and something for everyone. Wether you want a burger and chips, a pizza, a vegetarian meal or a curry or chinese you can find it there. I love that there are healthier choices, lighter bites and even something for a sweet tooth.

Leeds Festival 2018 has been the highlight of our summer and I really hope we can make it next year too.


Have you ever been to Leeds Festival? What has been the highlight of your summer?


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8 comments on “Leeds Festival 2018”

  1. I have never made it to Leeds Festival but it always sounds absolutely amazing with such a mix of different music types! It sounds like you had a great time and I really want some chips with gravy again now!

  2. I have not been to a festival before but would definitely love to one day. It’s nice that you took her with you and now she knows what to do the next time

  3. I loved this post, you had so many lovely outfits each and I love the blue wellies they’re ace! I’m so jealous you went to a secret set of Bring Me The Horizon, 15-year-old me was one of their biggest fans. You saw some amazing people, I mean The Kings of Leon are the best 😀 festival food is always amazing and you appreciate it so much more.

  4. How lovely that you get to go with your daughter to her first festival!! I bet she really enjoyed it and appreciated you buys lunch haha 😉
    To be honest, I think I would have enjoyed not camping at a festival better than camping!

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