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Isn’t time a funny old thing? There are moments you feel like you’re celebrating new year, having summer BBQs then getting ready for Christmas again in a blink of an eye. And yet there are amazing nights that seem to last forever. Don’t even mention how long a work day feels sometimes! Nordgreen have recently gifted me a gorgeous new watch so I can keep track of time day and night whilst still looking stylish.

About Nordgreen

Nordgreen are a Danish brand passionate about creating affordable, functional watches with simplistic designs for men and women. They do not follow fashions but stick to sleek, timeless designs you can wear forever.  Not only do they create beautiful pieces but also have an amazing Give Back programme. Each watch they sell benefits either health, education or environmental causes. Even better, you can choose which cause to support once you receive your watch.


My Nordgreen watch

I have the silver infinity watch, a beautiful and stylish piece that will go with any outfit. The circular face has a silver border and time markers against a bright white face. It is fairly large so you can easily see what time it is at a quick glance.


Nordgreen silver infinity watch - close up of face


I really love that the Nordgreen Infinity watch has interchangeable straps. So you really can mix and match it to any outfit. It is really quick and simple to take the straps off and add new ones, just a case of sliding a clasp across to release it. Once in place though the strap is secure and won’t fall off or loosen.

The silver mesh straps are classic and stylish. A perfect look for both the office, day to day wear and nights out.


Nordgreen silver infinity watch silver mesh straps

Nordgreen silver infinity watch silver mesh straps wearing


But, if you want something more fun the pink leather straps are just what you need. The leather straps are super soft and look great against the silver and white watch face. They add a real girly, cute touch to the watch.


Nordgreen silver infinity watch pink leather straps

Nordgreen silver infinity watch pink leather straps


My final thoughts on my Nordgreen watch

I really love my new Nordgreen watch. The style is both classic and beautiful. The interchangeable straps make it ideal for switching up your look too. Probably the best thing about the brand is the Give Back programme and that you can choose which cause to support with your purchase.

I haven’t worn a watch for a long time now. As I always have my phone on me with the time on I just didn’t feel I needed one. It’s easy to forget that a watch is a great accessory that really can pull an outfit together and finish off a look. Especially when the watch looks as gorgeous as this one. Having a watch on your wrist makes looking at the time so much quicker and easier. And as a final bonus … no more getting distracted by notifications when you just want to know the time.

Make sure you check out the full Nordgreen collection here.

Do you wear watches? What do you think of the Nordgreen Infinity watch?


Nordgreen Infinity watch review


*I have been gifted this watch by Nordgreen. This does not affect my thoughts or opinions of it and all words are my own.

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14 comments on “Keeping track of time with a Nordgreen watch *”

    • I think its probably why I stopped wearing my last watch, sometimes you want or need a different look don’t you?

  1. What beautiful watches <3 I rarely wear a timepiece, but when I do, I like them to be elegant and classy, just like these. I'll have to check out Nordgreen next time I'm after a new watch 🙂

    Louise x

    • Thank you Louise, it really is beautiful. Hope you find one you love too when you’re looking 🙂 x

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