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I regularly update my wardrobe. I have a good sort through each season and take out anything that doesn’t fit or I no longer want and I add new bits and pieces. One thing I neglect updating is my underwear though. Once I have a bra or pants on underneath my outfit, no-one can see it and I don’t give it a second thought. Upbra recently got in touch to see if wanted to try out their bras and I decided it was high time my underwear had an update too!

About Upbra

Upbra t-shirt bra and Upbra strapless bra


Upbra are an American lingerie company that ship worldwide. Their unique design is adjustable so you can change the bra to suit your outfit or how you’re feeling that day. The bras come a large range of sizes and a few different designs. Each bra gives cleavage to smaller sizes, lift to larger sizes, is comfortable and stays in place all day.


Upbra adjustable cleavage straps


All of the bras have hooks on the inside in-between the cups. Once you have the bra on you can unhook and replace them further along the cup to boost and lift your cleavage. I have to admit it is quite fun to pull the straps along and see what happens!


The Upbra t-shirt bra

Upbra white t-shirt bra


The Upbra white t-shirt bra has smooth, seamless cups with adjustable straps. The material is super soft and silky. It is really comfortable to wear day and night and it is invisible under clothes.

I’ve found it gives me an amazing shape even just being pulled a little bit.


Wearing the Upbra t-shirt bra


The Upbra strapless bra


Upbra black strapless bra


The Upbra black strapless bra is silky soft and really comfortable to wear. It stays perfectly in place all day with a vinyl trim which I love. There is nothing worse than spending all day pulling your strapless bra up is there. A great bonus is the strapless bras all come with detachable straps to make it a bra for any outfit.

Again it gives me a great shape and is invisible under my clothes.


Wearing the Upbra strapless bra


My Upbra / old bra comparison


Now, I have push-up bras in my underwear drawers and never gave much thought to how well they are working. So, here is a comparison for you all. As you can see the Upbra gives a great lift and shape and looks great under my clothes, even on a small amount of adjustment to it.

Wearing Upbra under clothes


Where as my old bra does push up, but also gives a really weird shape and bump at the top.


Upbra wearing old bra under clothes


My final thoughts on Upbra

I am so happy with both the t-shirt and strapless bras. They work brilliantly, look great and are really comfortable to wear. Especially for bigger boobs like mine. I would love to add a nude colour to my collection next then I will have one for every outfit.

You can find out more about Upbra and order here.


Upbra push up bras review


*I have received my Upbra bras in exchange for this blog post.

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9 comments on “Boosting my cleavage with Upbra *”

  1. I am totally on the lookout for a new bra, these sound like they are so comfortable as well as giving really great shape! I think I may need to treat myself! Love they come in a choice of colours too.

  2. Having the right support is honestly the most important thing, not only for comfort but to release back pain! I love how smooth the bras are and that they give you the support you need but also give you that smoother boosting look!

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