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A couple of weeks ago was Leeds Restaurant Week, lots of restaurants in Leeds team up to offer specially created 2 and 3 course set menus for £10 and £15. It is a great way to try new foodie places and for amazing prices. We were invited along to Georges Great British Kitchen to review their menu.

Georges Great British Kitchen

Georges Great British Kitchen celebrates proper British food in a unique way. The fresh ingredients are carefully chosen with no preservatives or anything artificial. Like the other restaurants around the country, the Leeds restaurant brings the seaside in to Leeds city centre. Think beach hut booths, driftwood coloured wood and nautical accessories and decor.


Georges Great British Kitchen beach hut table booth


The menu has everything you would expect from a “proper” British menu. Fish and chips, scotch eggs, burgers, pies, bangers and mash and grilled meats and fish. There is a great choice for vegetarians and vegans too.


Georges Great British Kitchen – The mains

We have two courses from the menu, and after looking at the menu both have a main and dessert. I generally prefer starters but sometimes puddings sound just too good to pass up though!

For my main I have the Small Wild Ocean Cod. This is a Norwegian cod fillet in tempura batter with twice cooked chips and chunky tartar sauce. The cod is fresh, flakey and perfectly cooked. I really love the tempura batter, it is light, crispy and not greasy at all. The rustic chunky chips are great to see, instead of the usual thin fries and taste so good. For me, the chunky tartar sauce is a winner too, it tastes amazing and is the perfect accompaniment with the cod.


Georges Great British Kitchen Wild ocean cod


Ellie has the Proper Dirty Burger, a single charcoal grilled beef patty in a brioche bun, with salad, dirty mayonnaise, twice cooked chips and ketchup. The burger is medium – well done, thick and juicy. You can really taste the charcoal grill. The mayonnaise is really tasty and there is plenty of it inside the bun. Again the chunky chips are a perfect side and we both love the metal spades they arrive on. Ellie does say it is a really good size meal for a lunch or light dinner.


Georges Great British Kitchen Proper Dirty Burger

Georges Great British Kitchen – The desserts

For my dessert I have the Apple and Caramac Higgledy-Piggledy Crumble Pie. A sweet pie crust with apple and caramac, a crumble topping, salt caramel sauce and ice-cream. It is amazing! Easily the best dessert I have eaten. The pie crust is super short and crumble, the apples are warm with a perfect sweet-sharp taste and the caramac is great with them. There is a perfect amount of crumble topping and caramel sauce for the pie. The creamy vanilla ice-cream brings it all together perfectly.


Georges Great British Kitchen Apple and Caramac Crumble Pie


Ellie has the sorbet, a mango sorbet with a stick of candy floss on the side. This is impressive as it arrives and looks so cute standing on the table. The sorbet is light and refreshing and the candy floss is sweet and sticky. I have to admit even though the apple crumble is amazing, I am jealous of the candy floss.


Georges Great British Kitchen Sorbet and Candy Floss

Georges Great British Kitchen

Both me and Ellie really love both the food and the interior of Georges Great British Kitchen. The menu is full of traditional British favourite dishes and there is something for every taste and appetite. There are a few restaurants in the UK and it is well worth a visit to your nearest one.

Have you ever been to a Georges Great British Kitchen?


Georges Great British Kitchen restaurant review

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  1. Wow! It seems like you had a wonderful meal. I have never had candy floss in my dessert before, looks very unique and authentic. The apple crumble looks delicious too!

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