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Last weekend was a weekend both me and Ellie have been waiting the longest time for. We were finally going to see Eminem at Twickenham Stadium, the first time for both of us. I have been a huge fan for 19 years now and wow that makes me feel so old! Despite trying to keep Ellie away from him, because hello super inappropriate lyrics, she loves him too. 

Eminem at Twickenham Stadium

Eminem at Twickenham close up screen view


After three support acts keeping us entertained through the afternoon Eminem is on stage. The atmosphere once he is on stage is incredible. Everyone loves him and sings and raps along to all of the songs for the almost 2 hours he is on stage. We are standing right by the barrier to the VIP section and it was a bit rough there. From people jumping around to surging forward and we came away very wet from beer being thrown around.

He went through all of the songs everyone loves, from the huge chart hits, to album favourites to his very first songs.

Eminems hype man throughout the show is Mr Porter, from D12. He is brilliant and does a great job.


Eminem at Twickenham Stadium - Eminem and Mr Porter


For the female parts he has Skylar Gray with him, not only does she sound amazing but she is an absolute babe as well.


Eminem at Twickenham Stadium - Eminem and Skylar Gray


As a surprise guest 50 Cent comes out to perform a few of his songs, including In Da Club. The crowd, ok, and me, went crazy once he came out.


Eminem at Twickenham Stadium - 50 Cent


Eminem at Twickenham Stadium set list

Eminem at Twickenham Stadium side of stage

  • Medicine Man (Dr Dre cover)
  • Won’t Back Down
  • 3 am
  • Square Dance
  • Kill You
  • White America
  • Rap God
  • Sing For The Moment
  • Like Toy Soldiers
  • Forever (Drake cover)
  • Patiently Waiting (50 cent cover) – with 50 cent
  • I Get Money (50 cent cover) – with 50 cent
  • In Da Club (50 cent cover) – with 50 cent
  • Crack A Bottle with 50 cent
  • The Way I Am
  • Chloraseptic – with 2 Chainz
  • Walk On Water – with Skylar Gray
  • Stan – with Skylar Gray
  • Love The Way You Lie – with Skylar Gray
  • Berzerk
  • Till I Collapse
  • Cinderella Man
  • Fast Lane (Bad Meets Evil song) – with Royca da 5’9″
  • River
  • The Monster
  • My Name Is
  • The Real Slim Shady
  • Without Me
  • Not Afraid
  • Lose Yourself


Eminem at Twickenham Stadium final thoughts

Eminem at Twickenham Stadium - Eminem with fireworks above


Both me and Ellie absolutely loved seeing Eminem at Twickenham Stadium. We have been to some incredible gigs over the years and this is definitely in my top ten. Eminem is amazing, seeing 50 Cent is a great surprise and the atmosphere really makes the night.

Travelling to Twickenham from Leeds is one hell of a journey. Doing it there and back in a day by coach probably isn’t something I would be in a hurry to repeat. (Thanks to Big Green Coach for getting us there and back.) But it was totally worth the 22 hour day.

From the moment we first saw Eminem at Twickenham Stadium to the second he left to fireworks was a brilliant night.


Are you an Eminem fan? I would love to know your favourite gig / concert too, let me know in the comments.

Eminem at Twickenham Stadium - gig / concert / show review


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