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I’m not sure why but as soon as the sun comes out prosecco is my drink of choice. My alcoholic drink of choice of course, sadly it’s not acceptable to have a mug of prosecco on a morning *rolls eyes*.  I love nothing more than sitting in my garden with my friends on a summers nights sharing a bottle of bubbles. As if they already knew this, Petite Prosecco got in touch to see if I wanted to try out a bottle of their fizz. 

What is Petite Prosecco?

Petite Prosecco in the box


Petite Prosecco is a lower calorie, lower sugar prosecco. A 100ml glass has just 59 calories and 6 grams of residual sugar. The prosecco is made in Treviso, Italy which is the home of prosecco and the best grapes to make it.


My Petite Prosecco review

Petite Prosecco


As always in my reviews I am starting with the packaging. I love that the bottle arrives in a pretty pink box. Unboxing it seems very luxurious and it will make a great gift. A great gift that will be so easy to wrap too!

I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the taste of Petite Prosecco. I have tried a low calorie wine before and it wasn’t good. The prosecco tastes lovely though! It is fresh, crisp, light and bubbly with a slight sweetness to it. It is really drinkable and refreshing.

I can’t tell the difference between this or regular, full fat, prosecco. I really love that drinking this feels less guilty. A glass or two of Petite Prosecco won’t use too many of your daily calories.


Petite Prosecco in a glass with sunset view


What better way to enjoy prosecco than sitting outside on a balmy summers night with friends and beautiful Yorkshire views.

You can buy Petite Prosecco here, and a 75cl bottle is £12.99. There are offers if you want to stock up on multiple bottles. I would like it if it was available in the supermarket as being able to add a bottle or two to my weekly shop would be great. I will definitely be ordering some more in ready for my summer parties and BBQs.

Is Petite Prosecco something you would like to try? What is your summer drink of choice?


Petite Prosecco review


*I was sent this bottle in exchange for an honest review. As always all words and opinions are my own.

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