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Despite not being a super “girly girl” (hello messy buns and regular make up free face) one thing I always keep up to is my nails. A fresh, chip free, manicure makes me feel put together and feminine. In my nail blogging days (you can find my nail instagram account here) I would paint my nails daily. Nowadays I’m happiest with a gel manicure every 2 weeks. I have been sent the Pink Gellac starter kit to review along with a few other gel polish colours. As a disclaimer I do already have a few Pink Gellac gel polishes in my collection so it is a brand I already know and love.

The Pink Gellac starter kit

Pink Gellac starter kit reviewThe Pink Gellac starter kit has everything in you need to start doing your own gel polish manicures at home.

To prep your nails ready for starting your manicure is an orange stick and nail file / buffer. There is a bottle of primer, base coat, gel polish and top coat. The LED lamp is also in the kit along with cleansing and removing wipes. There is also a great instruction booklet too.

Pink Gellac starter kit review gel polish colours

The Pink Gellac starter kit and gel polish colours swatches

Pink Gellac starter kit review Dynamic Pink swatch

The first of the Pink Gellac gel nails polishes is Dynamic Pink. This is a bright, popping pink perfect for the warmer months. It will look gorgeous on toes on holiday too.

Pink Gellac starter kit review Beautiful Black swatch

Next is Beautiful Black, a glossy black shade. I don’t tend to wear black in the Spring and Summer months but will be bringing this back out as soon as Autumn hits.

Pink Gellac starter kit review Lipstick Red swatch

This is Lipstick Red, a glossy bright red that is my perfect red shade. This is a colour you can wear all year round. It is brighter than the bottle suggests so is a nice surprise once you start painting.

Pink Gellac starter kit review Vintage Nude swatch

Lastly is Vintage Nude, a classy peachy nude shade. This is paler than the bottle suggests but is a work appropriate shade that you can wear any season. It is a sheer gel polish so if you have longer nails you might get a visible nail line through it.


Pink Gellac starter kit review

Pink Gellac starter kit review gel polish colours

I really like the Pink Gellac starter kit. The kit has everything you need to apply and remove a gel polish manicure. I don’t need the instructions but they are really detailed and a gel polish beginner can easily follow them.

The products inside the kit are easy to use and great quality. I had one manicure on for two weeks and another for three weeks. Neither had any chips and I only removed them as they had grown down and were lifting at the cuticle.

I know from the other Pink Gellac gel polishes I have that, kept out of the light, the bottles will last a long time and stay in perfect condition.

I have used lots of different gel systems over the years and the Pink Gellac starter kit is up there with the best of them. I really recommend it and will be adding more colours from them to my ever-growing collection.

You can get the Pink Gellac starter kit with one colour here. Or you can choose four colours with the kit here.

Do you do gel manicures yourself? Have you tried any gel polishes from Pink Gellac before?

Pink Gellac starter kit gel polish review

*I was sent the Pink Gellac starter kit in exchange for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own and as mentioned above this is a brand I already know and love.

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18 comments on “Pink Gellac starter kit review *”

    • It’s such a pretty colour isn’t it. Oh really? I love gel nails as you can paint it on and it lasts for a good few weeks.

    • The nude is such a classy colour isn’t it. Let me know if I can give you any tips with gel polish Clare.

    • For the tiny amount you use each time they’re definitely worth investing in. They’re perfect for summer aren’t they!

    • It quickly adds up every couple of weeks doesn’t it. You should give it a try, if you can paint your nails you can do it.

    • It is expensive to go to the salon for them doing every couple of weeks. That’s the main reason I do mine myself! I think the red is my favourite from these four too.

  1. I’ve tried desperately to have Gel manicures over the years, both done myself and done at a salon but unfortunately, I’ve never had any luck! It just peels off my nails, sometimes within a day or a few hours of having them done.
    I love the colours that you got with these and it’s a really nice starter kit!
    Menna x

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