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Nowadays you can get subscription boxes for everything can’t you? Some full of lovely beauty treats, stationery goodies or even food. Some are incredibly practical and you wonder why you’re not already signed up. For me the Uber Sonic Club is just that subscription. Keep reading to find out what the Uber Sonic Club is and for my Uber Sonic electric toothbrush review. 

What is the Uber Sonic Club and Uber Sonic electric toothbrush?

Uber Sonic electric toothbrush, boxed

The Uber Sonic electric toothbrush is an award winning electric toothbrush. Winner of Red Dot Design Awards in 2016 and German Design Award in 2018. It has both advanced technology and is stylish.

The Uber Sonic Club is a subscription service that sends refills (replacement heads) for the Uber Sonic electric toothbrush.

The toothbrush alone is £19 and comes with a whitening kit. By signing up to the Club you will get 2 refills every other month for £9. Each year of being a club member you get a new toothbrush and whitening kit.

Uber Sonic electric toothbrush


My Uber Sonic electric toothbrush review

The Uber Sonic electric toothbrush is made from brushed aluminium. It looks really unique and stands out on my bathroom shelf. The toothbrush is lightweight but still feels sturdy when using it.

Uber Sonic electric toothbrush, being held

Despite being lightweight it is really powerful. It has 35000 vibrations per second so I’m finding my teeth feel SO clean after using it.

One feature I really love is that it vibrates every thirty seconds. This is great if you zone out early morning whilst brushing your teeth and reminds you to keep it moving. It also makes brushing for a full 2 minutes much easier too!

Uber Sonic electric toothbrush, whitening kit

We all know we’re supposed to change our toothbrushes monthly. But, if you’re anything like me you just forget. Not just to change them but to even buy them. Having the replacement heads arrive at the door every other month means there are no excuses.

Uber Sonic electric toothbrush, sitting in bathroom holding toothbrush

If you are looking to make the switch from manual to electric toothbrush, wanting to replace your old electric toothbrush or need reminding to replace your toothbrush the Uber Sonic electric toothbrush and Uber Sonic Club are definitely for you.

Uber Sonic electric toothbrush and Uber Sonic Club review

*I was sent the Uber Sonic electric toothbrush and whitening kit in exchange for a blog post. All words and opinions are my own.

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3 comments on “Uber Sonic electric toothbrush review *”

  1. I really like the idea of the club, I’m definitely guilty of not changing my toothbrush heads frequently enough so this would help.

  2. I so forget to change my toothbrush monthly – even with a subscription it takes me a week or two to remember to throw the old out and get going with the new. I’m so bad!
    C x

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