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We have been home from our holiday for a couple of weeks now, so my Catalonia holiday diary is well over due. I love sharing my holiday diaries as they’re a great little snippet to read and I always like looking back on them. As always there will be more detailed posts about some of the things soon.

Catalonia holiday diary – day one

Our last holiday to Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, was an early morning flight. As I wasn’t well at the time the early start really threw me for the first few days. Our flight to Catalonia was another early flight so, last minute I got a room in one of the airport hotels. This means a nice relaxing morning at home, checking we have everything and packing the last few bits. Then, a leisurely drive to Liverpool to check in to the hotel. To make it even more of a treat we have a picnic dinner with us to eat in the room.

Catalonia holiday diary hotel picnic dinner

Catalonia holiday diary – day two

Our flight to Girona was 7am so we needed to be at the airport about about 5.! Being in the hotel though meant we could have longer in bed which was nice. Our flight was on time and we were landing in Spain at 10.15. Our transfer bus was waiting for us and it wasn’t a long wait until we set off.

Usually, once you land at the airport, get your cases and get on the coach you can take in the glorious sunshine and views. But …

Catalonia holiday diary rainy airport views

What a grey and rainy view! It is almost like the plane got lost and came back to the UK isn’t it?

The transfer from Girona airport to Santa Susanna with Holiday Taxis takes about an hour. We were in our hotel room by midday. After the early morning start and travelling both me and Ellie were hungry so dropped our cases in our room and went for lunch.

With the weather being so miserable there is nothing much to do but spend the rest of the day unpacking and exploring our hotel.

Our first night was spent eating dinner in the hotel restaurant and sitting in the bar watching the entertainment.

Catalonia holiday diary – day three

After arriving to heavy rain and studying the forecast for the rest of the week we knew our third day of our Catalonia holiday diary was going to be warm with sunny / cloudy spells. Not really a sunbathing day but a great day for exploring. Taking advantage of the change and knowing it wasn’t going to last this is the day for our most exciting trip. Barcelona!

Our hotel is a short walk from the train station and it takes just over an hour to get to Barcelona.

Catalonia holiday diary Barcelona architecture

There will be a full blog post coming soon butĀ Barcelona is an amazing city and I love every part of it.

Sadly we did eventually have to get the train back to Santa Susanna to our hotel. We had dinner in the hotel again and spent the night in the hotel bar with the entertainment.

Catalonia holiday diary – day four

Waking up to clear blue skies and blazing sunshine is a nice surprise. Making the most of the break in the weather it is an all day by the pool kind of day. I always love having a day or two feeling the sun on my skin and reading my kindle.

Catalonia holiday diary sunbathing with kindleOnce the sun had gone and we were changed, we had a walk around Santa Susanna at night.

Catalonia holiday diary – day five

Sadly, the sunshine was not to last. Torrential rain and bitterly cold wind really spoils the days plans. The rain did stop for a couple of hours in the afternoon so we had a walk and saw more of Santa Susanna. Plus got to do a bit of holiday retail therapy too!

The heavy downpour came back that evening so it was another night in the hotel bar watching the entertainment again.

Catalonia holiday diary – day six

We woke up expecting another day of rain and wind, but the sun was back. As there had been so few sunny days both me and Ellie wanted another day to lay in the sun and try get some colour.

We spent the morning around the pool and moved to the beach in the afternoon.

Catalonia holiday diary sunbathing on Santa Susanna beachAs the weather was so bad we were spending much more time in the hotel than we normally would. And much more time eating the all inclusive food there. To give us a change we headed out in to town for our dinner and ate in a cute pizzeria on the main strip.

Catalonia holiday diary – day seven

Our seventh day of our Catalonia holiday diary is another day of exploring. Being so close to the train station means it is really quick and easy to head to another part of Catalonia. We chose Malgrat de Mar. I haven’t heard much about it but a quick search on my phone shows there is quite a lot to see there. As it is so close to Santa Susanna it is only 5 minutes on the train.

Catalonia holiday diary Malgret del Mar statueWe had a great day exploring Malgret del Mar. Although it was grey and cloudy, the rain held off until we were at the station ready to go back to Santa Susanna.

Catalonia holiday diary – day eight

Our last full day in Catalonia was, sadly, another day of heavy rain and cold wind. We spent the day watching Spanish football in the bar, reading our kindles and packing.

When the rain did clear we had another walk and brought a takeaway pizza back to our hotel room.

Catalonia holiday diary takeaway pizza

Catalonia holiday diary – day nine

We had a morning flight from Girona to Liverpool so it was an early pick up from the hotel. Our transfer was with Holiday Taxis again, but we did have a problem with the pick up. We were told to be outside for 6.30am but no coach came. I rang to chase it up at 7 and was told the time had changed and it would be here at 7.30. It is quite annoying to be up and out so early unnecessarily. Once on the coach though it was a quick ride to the airport.

And before too long we were back on the plane and heading back to Liverpool.

Catalonia holiday diary photograph from plane window

Catalonia holiday diary – final thoughts

As you can see from our Catalonia holiday diary the weather was very hit and miss. I wouldn’t say it spoilt the holiday, but it definitely wasn’t the holiday we were expecting. We did manage two full days out to Barcelona and Malgret del Mar. We had two full days of sunbathing. And managed to explore Santa Susanna too.

Even with the rain we have had a great time away. If nothing else it is nice to relax somewhere different and not cook and clean for a week.

Have you been to Catalonia? Has our Catalonia holiday diary made you want to visit?

If this post has given you any travel ideas make sure you pin it to your travel wishlist board!

Catalonia holiday diary - exploring the Spanish region of Catalonia

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6 comments on “Catalonia holiday diary”

    • I’m glad we managed a few days of sunshine. It was a fab little holiday no matter what the weather.

    • Catalonia is well worth the trip. It is such a beautiful part of the world. I wish it had been better weather but I think we made the most of it.

    • Thanks Debs, we did enjoy ourselves regardless. Rain just isn’t what you expect on holiday is it?

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